It is wonderful to be back in the small alpine village of Fox Glacier in the South Island of New Zealand – This really is a stunning part of the world for photography and I was very much looking forward to coming back. It has almost been two years since I was last here in winter 2009 with Capture New Zealand Photography Tours. There was a lot more snow around in 2009 and it was a lot colder, but the town is otherwise much as I remember it.

After a cloudless sunrise this morning at Matheson’s Lake I decided to hike up to the carving face of Fox Glacier for some more photography. The hike is relatively short these days (roughly 30 minutes from the car park to the terminal face viewing area) since the new track has been built. I was totally unprepared for the amount the glacier has receded upon reaching the viewing area – it is almost unrecognisable. I would estimate more than 200 metres has simply vanished (melted) from the glaciers length and I am told that the glacier is now retreating at an ever increasing rate – a clear indication of global warming at work.


  1. Hi there

    Wonderful to read that you are enjoying your time in the South Island and to see your amazing photos! We hope that you are enjoying your maui motorhome and look forward to reading more of your adventures. If we can be of any help during your travels, please do contact us at

    Wishing you safe and happy travels
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  2. Your ice photos are always amazing.
    If you couldnt get into a helicoper to shoot the glaciers is there anywhere you recommend as a must see/shoot location in this area?


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