Canon See Impossible – Countdown Announcement

If you logged on to the internet this morning / evening you will have no doubt come across the ‘Canon See Impossible‘ countdown that is currently spreading like wildfire across the rumour websites. The somewhat cryptic teaser really does not provide much insight into what this announcement will be.  At the risk of going out on a limb I find it highly unlikely that this will be a new camera body announcement. The prose smacks to me of some sort of printer / media announcement. Possibly some sort of new product, tool or feature that helps get images from camera to print. The advert also appeared as full two-page spread in the New York Times so Canon has thrown some considerable marketing budget behind this announcement. The good news is the clock is ticking down and in less than twenty four hours the answer will be revealed. Edit – It is worth noting that this announcement appears confined to Canon USA. Nothing else to my knowledge in other countries. Any new High Mega Pixel announcement would almost certainly involve Canon Japan. Read into this what you will…Canon Impossible

5 thoughts on “Canon See Impossible – Countdown Announcement

  1. The rhetoric in the canon media really opens them up for some serious sarcasm if this isn’t a world changing widget-thingy-app.

    The geek in me can think of a few things worthy of “we just did the impossible” such as a contra-gravity engine? Matter transporter, or a sentient AI.


  2. Totally agree – with the chosen text it needs to be an earth shaking announcement or its going to leave them looking pretty silly.

    It actually reminds of something Steve Jobs would have said.. but then he likely would have backed it up with the appropriate product….

    A contra-gravity engine is probably off the cards.. perhaps a new direct to print button on your new camera is more likely 🙂

    It is worth noting that this announcement does seem to be specific to Canon USA – there is no mention of this anywhere else that I am aware of; not even Canon Japan.


  3. Yup – looks like someone in the I.T department decided to use a java script with local computer time rather than server time. The add in the NY times said 9:00am. So I guess thats 9:00am NY time. Sloppy work….


  4. Just visited “See Impossible” again. Looks like it was fluff & schlep for a new (horrible) interface to read about how awesome canon think they are.

    Welcome to the 90s, where dragging a mouse allows you to click or spin a cube. Try spinning the cube up or down? Nope, 4 sides only. Alternative navigation for access? Nope, flash-style only. On an mobile? Nope.

    Marketing dep must be thrilled?


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