2015 February Photograph of the Month: Arctic Fox Freeze – Win a Fine Art Print!

It feels appropriate that an Arctic fox photograph is the February photograph of the month given I will soon be headed back to Winter in Iceland to photograph one of my favourite Polar mammals – Perhaps Nature’s greatest survivor. This photograph, taken in the extreme northeast of Iceland last year during freezing sub zero temperatures was taken during a seven day expedition to the Hornstrandir Nature Reserve. This is an area of Iceland very rarely visited during the winter months. It is extremely remote, and only accessible via chartered boat ride (approximately fours north of Isafjord). It is logistically difficult to get there and special permission is required from the park ranger to undertake a winter expedition into the area. On top of that there is no infrastructure once you arrive and everything from food to satellite communication and survival gear must be carried in for the duration of the expedition. I love this photograph for both the pose of the fox, but also for the dusting of snow clinging to its coat and tail. There was a low fog when I took this image and in print you can actually see the exhale of breath from the fox.Arctic FoxDon’t forget! You can win a free 13″ x 19″ Win a Fine art Print of this photograph including shipping anywhere in the world. All you need do is to be the first to comment on this post on the home page with your thoughts on why you like this photograph or why you would like to own a print of the image and then share the post with your preferred social media outlet. Just keep in mind that due to my hectic travel schedule it may take me some time to make and post out each print so if you are the lucky winner for a given month I ask that you jut exercise a little patience and as soon as I am back in my studio in Australia and as soon as practical I will make the print and send it to you – free of charge. Each print will be made and personally signed by me with the same care and attention to detail I exercise on my large gallery prints. There will be a total of twelve prints to win throughout the calendar year. The first print was won by Fred Jennings and his print should be with him in the next few days – congratulations Fred!

Good luck and don’t forget in order to win the print you need to be the first to comment here on the home page on the February photograph of the Month for the 2015 calendar year with your thoughts on why you like the photograph or why you would like to own a print and to then share the post with your social media outlet of choice.

14 thoughts on “2015 February Photograph of the Month: Arctic Fox Freeze – Win a Fine Art Print!

  1. The fox is beautifully isolated, in pristine snow, and I feel very cold just looking at him. He is clearly very much in his environment, and I’d love to know what he is looking at, and what he’s about to do.
    Even at this distance on my computer, I can see that there is fine detail in his tail with the light dusting of snow on his body. I’d love to have the opportunity to see this beautiful and rare animal in the wild, but in the interim would be happy to view him in my home instead! A gorgeous capture, in what would have been very challenging conditions.


  2. Another great photo Joshua. I particularly like your animal photos although the icebergs are amazing in themselves. Great job.


  3. I live in northern Ontario Canada where it is now -25C so I can appreciate the hardship that some animals experience. This photo is typical of many animals here, although we don’t have Arctic Fox we have red fox.
    Such a beautiful photo of a rare animal.


  4. I love this image and was never aware of SActic foxes until I saw this image on your website. Absolutely beautiful. It should be hanging on my wall!


  5. Another amazing story. I have been following your posts re: emotion in our photos. When I use the expression “WOW” it’s usually because I’m speechless. However I will try hard to learn how yo apply what you write into my images. Thank you.


  6. Once of my goals in progressing as a photographer is to start collecting great photographs by other photographers that I respect. I have a library of books that I didn’t write, so also with photographs.


  7. The image gives you a sense of the isolation and need to survive that the Artic Fox faces every minute. The almost total whiteness of the landscape is a pristine backdrop for his continual struggle that balances sensing opportunity with conserving energy, while remaining alert for threats, competition and weather/terrain challenges.


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