Photo of the Month April 2016 – Golden Dune Namibia

It seems appropriate that the photograph of the month for April 2016 should be one from Africa; as I currently in Namibia leading a small group workshop to photograph the incredible landscapes of this country. This photograph of the golden sand dune was taken near Dedavlei in the late afternoon as we were returning to our camp for dinner. I took a short hike up into the dunes to gain a more top down perspective and then focused on the play of light across the dune. The wind was whipping the sand off the top of the dune and was beautifully illuminated against the dark backdrop. In many ways this is an iconic photograph for me that really captures the feeling of the desert here in Namibia.Namibia

4 thoughts on “Photo of the Month April 2016 – Golden Dune Namibia

  1. A wonderful shaft of golden light contrasting with the background and dark shapes in the foreground………..


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