Photo of the Month August 2016 – Lofoten Green Fire

Following on from my Lofoten photograph of the month for July is another image from the Island archipelago. This time its a midnight photograph of the Aurora Borealis over the Lofoten mountains. Taken during my March winter workshop earlier this year (Read the Trip Report) we were fortunate to encounter some pretty good aurora on a clear evening. The landscapes of the northern islands of Lofoten are really quite something to behold. Precipitous and ominous peaks rise straight out of the ocean and make for the perfect back drop for the Aurora Borealis. With a dusting of fresh snow and arctic winter light the entire scene is akin to a fairy tail location and subsequently the photographic opportunities can be truly superb. I have found over the years that one of the keys to Aurora photography is to vary your shutter speed. The lights can come and go at varying speeds and its important to keep shape and definition in the patterns. In this instance, I settled on a shutter speed of 15 seconds after some experimentation as I felt this yielded the best balance of shape and color blur.  I am looking forward to returning to Lofoten in March 2018 for a second winter workshop.Lofoten-0426-Edit

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