Iceland – The Mighty Dettifoss

Dettifoss is both Iceland’s and Europe’s largest waterfall – more cubic water per second spills over it than any other waterfall in all of continental Europe. It is both spectacular and awe inspiring for its sheer power and majesty. Fed by glaciers upstream the glacial silt that is carried down river gives the water at Dettifoss a wonderful colour and texture. This photograph was taken shortly before dawn about a week into my trip to Iceland. The pre-dawn glow in the sky and soft warm light on the distant rocks, combined with the texture in the water appeal to me on many levels.As is typical in Iceland there are no safety fences and no warning signs to be careful or wary of cliff edges. You can quite literally walk right up to the edge of the falls and stare down at the hundred plus foot drop into the rocks and plumes of spray below. This photograph was taken standing right at the cliff edge – not the place to be if you suffer from vertigo. Dettifoss is quite literally a breath taking waterfall that I enjoyed photographing immensely. A high resolution version of this photograph is on my portfolio website at in the Iceland Portfolio. Prints are available upon request.