WNPP Episode #28 Finland Update and Australian Travel Restrictions

I have just published Episode #28 of my Wild Nature Photography Podcast. This podcast episode includes a weather update from the far north of Finland on the border with Russia as well as information on the easing of the pandemic travel restrictions into and out of Australia. Also included are my preliminary thoughts and impressions of Adobe’s new masking tools in Lightroom Creative Cloud 2021.

Adobe Releases Major Update to Lightroom October 2021

Adobe has today released a major update to Lightroom (and Photoshop) that includes powerful new masking capabilities and importantly new camera profiles for Lightroom for the Canon.CR3 format. Camera matching Color Profiles are also added for Canon Picture Styles. Check this article to see if your Canon camera that has CR3 raw file support is included. Full details on the new features HERE.

WNPP Episode #27 Finland and Mongolia Update

I have just published Episode #27 of my Wild Nature Photography Podcast. This podcast episode includes an update from Finland (Wolverine!) and information on the postponement of my planned Pallas Cat and Snow Leopard expeditions that were scheduled for December this year. Both these expeditions will now be held late in 2022. Also included are some thoughts on the soon to be released Canon EOS R3 camera. I am very excited to take delivery in late November when I return to Australia and test this camera in the cold early next year.