Reading and studying photographic books can be one of the best ways to actually improve your own photography. And I am not necessarily talking about books on photographic technique. Studying the work of photographers you admire and respect will give you wonderful insight into your own image making and I promise it will improve your photography. As photographers, it is important that we spend time looking at the work of those in our profession who we admire and respect. Sitting down with a photographic book is a fantastic way to do this and something I try and do as often as I can. These reviews are based on my own opinion and feeling having owned and enjoyed these books.

I plan to review quite a few books over the course of the coming months and years and am going to give them a rating based on my overall impressions of the photographic content, the presentation and finally the print quality. I am going to sum up each book with a rating out of five stars.


  1. * Give it a miss. There are better books on this subject you should consider adding to your library
  2. ** Consider buying this book if the subject matter appeals to you.
  3. *** Nice to own. A quality publication that should have a home in any serious photography library.
  4. **** You should own this book and consider it an important part of your photography library.
  5. ***** Must own. No photography library is complete without this book


Natural History Museum Wildlife Photographer of the Year Unforgettable Photojournalism By: Various

This book review is available as a Podcast Episode – Podcast Episode 21 – 19.09.2021 – Unforgettable Photojournalism ** Listen to the Full Review


Faces of the North By: Ragnar Axelsson

This book review is available as a Podcast Episode – Podcast Episode 19 – 06.09.2021 – Faces of the North ***** Listen to the Full Review


Kamchatka By: Vincent Munier

This book review is available as a Podcast Episode – Podcast Episode 14 – 14.08.2021 – Kamchatka **** Listen to the Full Review


Born to Ice By: Paul Nicklen

This book review is available as a Podcast Episode – Podcast Episode 9 – 07.07.2021 – Born to Ice. *** Listen to the Full Review


Antarctica – The Global Warning By: Sebastian Copeland

Antarctica – The Global Warning was released in back in 2006. The photographs are by Sebastian Copeland and there is a forward by Mikhail Gorbachev and a Preface by Leonardo DiCaprio. At the time of release it retailed for approximately $70.00 AUD here in Australia. It can now be found for significantly less than that if you shop around. You might want to read this review in full however before you part with your hard earned dollars on this book. * Read the Full Review


APPA 2014 Gold Awards By: Multiple Photographers

My second book review for 2015 is the new 2014 Canon APPA (Australian Professional Photography Awards) book. The 2014 Canon APPA book is different than many photography books in that it  contains the combined works of many photographers from  a photographic competition. Specifically, those photographers who scored a highly coveted Gold or Gold with Distinction award at the 2014 Australian Professional Photography Awards in Sydney. **** Read the Full Review


Arctique By: Vincent Munier

The final book review I am publishing for 2015 (I will be travelling again soon until the end of the year) is the new release from contemporary wildlife photographer – Vincent Munier. If you are not familiar with Vincent’s photography then you more than owe it to yourself to take some time out of your day and get to know his work. Vincent is a master of wildlife photography and his latest tome ‘Arctique’ is going to be the subject of this review.  ***** Read the Full Review


Arctic the Best Photographs By: Multiple Photographers

My fourth book review for 2015 is Arctic The Best PhotographsArctic the Best Photographs is a publication of the winning, runner up and highly commended photographs from the 2013 Russian Global Arctic Awards Photographic competition. ** Read the Full Review


Iceland Landscapes By: Daniel Bergmann

Iceland Landscapes includes 110 landscape photographs from Iceland, mostly taken during the last five years. The book is in English and covers both the locations photographed along with technical information and thoughts on photography. Renowned English landscape photographer David Ward wrote the introduction and an Icelandic author, Pali Asgeir Asgeirsson, wrote the preface. **** Read the Full Review


La Nuit Du Cerf By: Vincent Munier

I want to kick off my first book review for 2015 with a book from one of my favourite contemporary wildlife photographers – Vincent Munier. Vincent is a master of wildlife photography and his most recent book La Nuit du Cerf or Night of the Deer is going to be the subject of this review. **** Read the Full Review


Life at the Edge By: Carsten Egevang

Photography books are one of my greatest joys and passions and so it is with great enthusiasm I am reviewingLife at the Edge by Carsten Egevang. If you are unfamiliar with Carsten’s work I encourage you to run (not walk) to his website and spend some time pouring over his remarkable photography. A Danish photographer and a professional researcher with more than twenty years field experience in Greenland, Carsten clearly has Greenland and the Arctic in his heart. ***** Read the Full Review


Outdoor Photographer of the Year Portfolio One By: Multiple Photographers

Outdoor Photographer of the Year has released a brand new hardcover book of the best photographs from the 2015 Outdoor Photographer of the Year Competition. The book includes all of the winning, commended and selected entries with contributions from entrants based all over the world. I am pleased to say that the book also includes three of my photographs from the final round of judging. Presented in hardback with dust jacket the book is over 200 pages and can now be ordered online. **** Read the Full Review


Simply Peter Dombrovskis By: Peter Dombrovskis

My third book review for 2015 is Simply Peter Dombrovskis. Peter is undoubtedly Tasmania’s most well known and most celebrated landscape photographer and is regarded by many (myself included) as an icon of Australian photography. He came to fame and prominence in 1982-1983 when one of his photographs ‘Morning Mist, Rock Island Bend‘ (undoubtedly his most recognisable and celebrated photograph) was used as the lead image in the campaign that successfully prevented the damning of the Franklin River. **** Read the Full Review


The Digital Negative By: Jeff Schewe

Review Coming Soon


The Digital Print By: Jeff Schewe

Review Coming Soon


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