Rosanna Camera Club Presentation – Polar Wildlife 2022

Somewhat short notice, but tomorrow evening at 8pm Australian Eastern Standard time I will be giving a digital and print photographic presentation on Polar Wildlife to the Rosanna camera club in Melbourne. The presentation is going to include thoughts and photographs from my recent Winter expedition to Ellesmere Island in search of the White Wolf as well as tips on how to approach Polar wildlife for the best possible photographs and an extensive Q&A session.

Svalbard Kingdom of the Ice Bear 2022 Last Minute Availability

As a result of the ongoing travel restrictions in China and Hong Kong, there are now two last-minute places available on my Svalbard expedition for Polar Bears this July. Both places are being offered for resale by the two clients at a significant 25% discount. If you are keen to photograph Polar Bears on the sea ice north of Svalbard drop me a note for more information. First in, best dressed.

Preparation and Packing for Africa 2022

Every other year, I guide a workshop in Africa for both landscape and wildlife. My last was to Namibia back in 2018 – pre-pandemic. This year I will be leading a trip to Zululand in South Africa for wildlife and will be departing in just a few days’ time.

Packing and preparations for Africa are considerably easier than in the Polar regions as it obviously requires far less in the way of warm clothing and cold-weather equipment. In fact, outside of camera gear, it’s pretty much shorts, a t-shirt, and a sunhat, making packing a joy and pleasure. In terms of equipment, though; for this workshop, I will take the following:

Camera Equipment

2 x Canon EOS R3 cameras with 2 spare batteries

1 x Canon RF 14-35mm f4

1 x Canon RF 70-200mm f2.8 or Canon 100-500 RF (I still can’t decide). I love the flexibility of the 100-500, but it’s just a bit slower than I would like.

1 x Canon RF 600mm f4L IS USM

You might notice that there is no mid-range zoom in my kit for this trip. After traveling to so many locations and never actually using my 24-105, I decided this time to simply leave it at home. I am sure that means that I will probably want and/or need it at some point…

For those of you who have asked when I will next return to Namibia; I am planning an all-new trip to this amazing country for 2024. If you want to get the jump on it and secure a place drop me an email (no obligation at this point).