Testimonial from Robert Young – Polar Bears of Svalbard Expedition 2018

Hi Josh, Jill and I want to thank you very much for the Polar Bears of Svalbard Expedition. What can I say? Seeing and photographing polar bears on the sea ice was a major life experience. We never thought that we would be able to go so far north and see these magnificent animals so close in their natural habitat. Thank you for the support advice and help you gave us with the photography and the image processing. We also enjoyed getting to know the other photographers in our small group, We learned a lot from just watching the experienced wildlife photographers amongst them.

Along with you, your two guides were extremely professional, knowledgeable and helpful at all times making sure we had the maximum amount of time and information to enjoy the experience. And a big thanks to the crew of the ship who took us there and back and made sure we were (over) fed and watered. Their cheerfulness and skills really added to the whole experience.  Thanks once again for an experience we will never forget.

Rob Young

New Zealand South Island Masterclass Feedback 2017

A little under a week ago I completed my 2017  Masterclass workshop in the South Island of New Zealand with my good friend and co-leader Phillip Bartlett. This workshop was extremely productive  in terms of the sheer number of shoots we were able to squeeze in (as well as the locations we visited) and I wanted to share some feedback I just received from those who participated on the workshop.

Dear Josh and Phillip, I’m going over my images while waiting to depart from the Christchurch airport – what an amazing trip!  Thanks so much for your instruction, sherpa and guiding, my images are so much better due to y’all.  I really enjoyed my time spent with everyone, I could not have asked for better traveling companions.  Please keep in touch, I would love to see everyone’s future photographic adventures.  Y’all take care and let me know if you ever need a guide around the Bayou State! – Suzanne

I also want to thank everyone, in a group we made this class an unforgettable experience. In a group you learn all the time, even by just seeing what the others are doing, and how. I learned a lot about camera settings, composition, light and right moment and much more. I also learned something about the difference between a good picture, a postcard picture, art and fine art – this is essential on my way to artist! It’s nice to return home with all these good feelings and memories, – Matti 

Dear Josh and Phillip, Now it is time for me as well to “saddle my horses” again, but only to move further up north towards St. Arnaud, Nelson, Takaka (Golden Bay), before then moving on to the North Island. While having another look at the images taken on our voyage together and thinking about the excellent time we had with our group I cannot help my eyes welling with tears (again). It was indeed worthwhile to have taken the “plunge” to come to the other end of the world and to put the travel schedule into your hands. Your careful planning and knowledge of this beautiful island we explored together, paired with your professional know how has given us invaluable memories for a long time to come. I enjoyed the time together immensely, could take home pictures and experiences I could never have made without you. The food was good, our vehicles an excellent choice, and I especially liked the cameradie with you all. The tips you gave to me/to us were incredibly helpful, not just for my future undertakings, but already for the rest of my time here (although without having you looking over my shoulder 🙂 ). I wish all of you still on the road save travels and yes, let us keep in touch. – Best and hugs, Angelo

Twas an adventure with you all! It was a pleasure getting to know everyone and having the opportunity to experience some pretty magical places together. Thank you Josh and Phillip for putting on a first class expeditionand leaving me with new tools and memories to treasure. – Julia

If you are interested in travelling and photographing in the majestic South Island of New Zealand then I am now taking bookings for the 2018 Masterclass (limited places remaining only). 2018 will be the last year I run the South Island Masterclass workshop for the foreseeable future so if you have been considering adding this workshop to your calendar now is the time to get on board. This workshop is strictly limited to six participants and due to initial registrations there are already only a couple of places remaining before it will be sold out.

Testimonial from Linda Caldwell – Iceland Winter the Frozen North 2017

Dear Josh, This is a very long overdue note to let you both know how much I loved the Icelandic journey!  I am still reliving the trip and am astounded at how much we saw – and photographed!  
Both of you are amazing photographers who are also great leaders and helpers – a very rare combination – so I feel extremely lucky to have had the chance to travel with you.  It was a great learning experience for me to be with a group of landscape photographers and I hope to repeat the adventure again one day.  
Thank you!

Testimonial from Mary Westerback – Highlands of Iceland 2016

Hi Joshua,

I cannot ever really express my gratitude for all your help at the Iceland Highlands Workshop with Daniel this year.  I have admired your work for years and love the project you recently did on the Arctic Fox.  

I think the world of you and Daniel and appreciate and love every minute I spent in both workshops. I mean it from the heart about you and Daniel.  This trip was the best trip ever!!!

Arrived home safe and sound and think it will take a few days to recover from travel.  It was quite an adventure at the airports.

Will be thinking of you and Daniel on your upcoming trip.

Best wishes always,

Testimonial from Rulian Fiske – South Georgia Expedition

“Hi, Joshua, Thank you very much for the South Georgia Expedition!!  The South Georgia trip with you was indeed the BEST and most rewarding trip we’ve taken, and this includes the Around the World in a Private Jet trip with Nat Geo! The best part was the photography part. The opportunities and emphasis on photography was utterly wonderful! And the people on the trip were just so nice! And the atmosphere on the ship! Everything!”  – Rulian Fiske

You can read the full trip report from our last South Georgia Expedition online. If you have been wanting to visit Antarctica don’t miss out on our just announced White Nature expedition. There are now only very limited places remaining before we will be sold out.

Iceberg in Antarctica
Iceberg in Antarctica