Workshops and Expeditions Update and Availability 2017

I have been meaning to post a workshop and expedition update for some time now but other matters have taken priority and I now find myself near the end of February and about to embark on my annual Winter workshop in Iceland with Daniel Bergmann. So better late than never, here is a list of what is coming up, what is sold out, what is still available and some of what is planned for the future.

After Daniel and I finish up our Winter Iceland trip (2017 is the last year I will be running this trip for the immediate future) I am heading north with a small group of photographers for a new expedition to photograph Arctic Foxes in the extreme North-West of Iceland. This expedition has long been sold out; but I will be repeating this trip again in 2018. At this stage there are still three places available before it will be sold out. You can download a complete PDF of the expedition HERE.After I finish in Iceland I am heading to Svalbard for a sold out winter expedition to photograph Polar Bears and the landscape of Svalbard in a winter setting. The 2017 expedition has also been long sold out, but I will be repeating this expedition again in 2018 and you can download a complete PDF itinerary of the expedition HERE. Places are already very limited.In May this year Daniel and I still have a couple of places available on our Ultimate Puffins workshop. The workshop is dedicated to photography of the Atlantic Puffin and other birds of Iceland including Fulmars, Kittiwakes, Guillemots (Murres), Arctic Terns and Razorbills. Iceland is one of the best places in the world to photograph Puffins and other Arctic birds in their natural environment. We will visit a number of different locations during this workshop where we will have outstanding access to the Puffins living in burrows on the edge of sea cliffs. We have timed our 2017 workshop to ensure we are in the best locations at the best times to photograph these wonderful birds. We will have hours of golden light under the spectacular midnight sun – ideal conditions for photography of the Atlantic Puffin. We are also heading out to the remote northern Grimsey Island so this workshop promises to be unique and very special. We are now down to the last few places on this workshop before it will be sold out. If you are interested in photographing Arctic Birds this is not to be missed.  You can download a complete PDF itinerary HERE.In July I will be heading back to Svalbard for my annual summer expedition to photograph Polar Bears and other wildlife of the Svalbard archipelago.  You can download a complete PDF itinerary of the expedition HERE. There is now only one place remaining on this expedition before it will be sold out.In September Daniel Bergmann and I are leading two back to back expeditions to the Scoresby-Sund fjord system on the remote north west coast of Greenland. Both expeditions are sold out but Daniel and I have just committed to repeat the expedition again in 2019. We will be announcing dates for the expeditions very soon but you can register your interest to be first on the list by dropping me an emailIn November I will be leading a new expedition to Antarctica – Antarctica White Nature. This fully dedicated expedition is now almost sold out with only two places remaining. This expedition has been specially timed to be the first of the season to ensure the best possible ice conditions. Be sure to read my recent series of articles on how to choose an expedition to Antarctica. You can download a complete PDF itinerary of the expedition HERE.As some of you are aware I also recently completed a new winter scouting trip to Kuusamo in the north of Finland (I hope to publish some images from this trip soon). This trip was a great success with some fantastic Golden Eagle and Hawk Owl activity in a wonderful winter setting. I hope to have details on a future January Winter workshop to Finland over the coming months. If you would like to be notified once details are finalised you can drop me an email to register your interest – there is no obligation at this point.

For those of you patiently waiting for confirmation of dates for the Emperor Penguin expedition in 2018 I am hoping to have this all finalised in a few weeks. If you are keen to get the jump on other upcoming workshops and expeditions for 2018 and beyond you can view a complete list on my website at

Finland Kuusamo Newspaper Cover Page and Feature Interview

A few days ago I was interviewed by two journalists from the Kuusamo Newspaper whilst I was out photographing Dippers and Hooper Swans in the far north of Finland (less than 50km from the Russian border). The interview covered my polar photography, thoughts on climate change and global warming as well as what is involved to work full time as a professional Nature photographer. The interview made the front page of todays paper with a full page feature. Just click on the image below to Download the full PDF. Might be time to brush on your Finnish!

Luminous Landscape Website Reviews Melrakki Limited Edition Book

The Luminous Landscape Website has just published a review of my new book on the Arctic Fox ‘Melrakki‘. Read the Review.

Melrakki is just such a project.  The name is Icelandic for Arctic fox.  The beauty in the name Melrakki shines through this beautiful book, illustrating the harsh life of the Arctic fox in the winter.  There is no harsher place in the winter than Iceland, nor is there a place more beautiful in the winter than Iceland.  This book project took Josh three years to complete.  Over those three years, I got to peek at some of the images that he captured, as well as hear some of his stories about what it took to accomplish those images.  Trust me, it takes a hearty soul to sit in a hole dug from the snow and wait in blinding blizzards to capture this elusive creature. 

What I enjoyed most about Josh’s book is not only the fabulous photography but also the story that he weaves throughout the book about what it took to capture these images.  At times, you feel like you are there next to him as he captures these images.  A number of these images will send chills through you, not only because of the implied cold and harshness of the environment but because they are so well captured and technically perfect. 

The culmination of three years of winter photography in the extreme north-west of Iceland, Melrakki is available now for pre-order exclusively as a Limited Edition hard bound fine-art book. Limited to just 100 copies, each edition is hand numbered and signed and includes an original 11″ x 09″ inch fine-art pigment on paper print.

With foreword by pre-eminent scientist and Arctic fox expert Dr. Ester Rut Unnsteinsdóttir, Melrakki includes over fifty photographs and field notes from the three years spent photographing this remarkable predator in the extreme north-west of Iceland.

Melrakki Limited Edition is printed using the highest possible quality Canon Dreamlabo inkjet printer system and is printed on beautiful 250gsm High Definition Lustre paper that fully captures all of the incredible colour and tones of the original photographs. The Canon Dreamlabo represents the current state of the art in book printing and was chosen for this project after extensive testing and proofing as it yielded the highest quality that most closely resembles the original fine-art pigment on paper prints. I am extremely proud to stand behind the print quality in this Limited Edition book.

The included fine-art pigment-on-paper print is printed on Moab Somerset Museum Rag 300gsm paper and is hand signed.

Melrakki Limited Edition is $245 AUD plus shipping and can be ordered online exclusively through my websiteHERE.

I hope that you enjoy the photographs, insights and field notes from this project into the frozen world of Melrakki – the Arctic fox.

Photographs and Text by Joshua Holko

Approximate Dimensions: 22cm x 30 cm

96 pages (over 50 photographs + field notes)
The photo book & the print are together in a protective cloth sleeve

ISBN: 978-0-646-95781-4Cover

Kingdom of the Ice Bear Wins First Place Commercial / Illustrative Film

In some very exciting news I just learned that my short film by Untitled Film Works ‘Kingdom of the Ice Bear‘ has just won first place at the 2017 WPPI Awards for film making in the Commercial / Illustrative short film category. Congratulations to Abraham Joffe and Untitled Film Works – Well Done. I am very much looking forward to working with Untitled Film Works on a new short film project in a few weeks time in Svalbard in the Arctic Winter.