AIPP Victorian Photography Awards – Finalist

The Victorian AIPP Australian Professional Photography Awards were held several weeks ago in Melbourne. Unfortunately, I was unable to attend in person this year as I was in Iceland on my summer workshop and was somewhere between Landmannalaugar and Vik at the time of the judging (so I also missed the live streaming). I was however very pleased to learn that I was a finalist in both the Landscape Photographer of the Year category and the Creative Photographer of the year category.

My Final haul for the state awards:

  • Finalist in the Landscape Category
  • Finalist in the Creative Category
  • 2 x Silver with Distinction Awards in the Landscape Category
  • 1 x Silver with Distinction Award in the Travel Category
  • 3 x Silver Awards in the Landscape Category
  • 3 X Silver Awards in the Travel Category

Boarding Polar Pioneer in Svalbard – Destination Iceland

This will be my last blog post for the next few weeks as I am about to board Polar Pioneer in Longyearbyen with my friend Daniel Bergmann and spend the next two weeks cruising Arctic waters in search of Polar Bears and dramatic Arctic landscapes. We will sail up the coast of Svalbard before heading for Greenland where we will cruise the coast before making our way to Iceland. I have been looking forward to this and the subsequent return expedition for more than a year now and it feels very good to finally be getting underway. I am packing Canon’s new 200-400mm F4L IS lens with inbuilt 1.4 Teleconverter specifically for this trip and am eager to begin shooting with it. The Svalbard archipelago is a spectacular location and I feel confident this trip will produce some great images. As a small teaser Daniel and I just completed ten days shooting Polar Bears in the pack ice – images to follow soon. See you in a couple of weeks.