Canon 1200mm EF Lens sells for 500,000 Euro

In the corner of now for something completely different, an example of the Canon 1200mm f5.6 EF lens just sold at auction for a record 500,000 Euro (approximately $800,000 AUD). The initial estimate of 80,000 – 100,000 Euro was a tad shy of pessimistic. Approximately 20 of these lenses were produced and many years ago I had the good fortune to try one at what was then Baltronics in Melbourne. I was not allowed to hold the lens, that was mounted to a large video tripod, but I was able to look through the camera and take a few shots. Even now I can recall the distance this glass covered was pretty crazy.

A Canon telephoto lens EF 1200 mm f/5.6 from the 1990s achieved a particularly spectacular result. Only around 20 specimens of this lens were originally produced on special order only at the time. The then original list price was already U.S. $ 90,000. Two customers who were connected by telephone engaged in an exciting bidding war, so that the lens was finally hammered for fabulous EUR 500,000. It is the highest price ever achieved at auction for a camera lens in the world.

Departing for Finland – COVID Prison Break!

The time has come, and after more than 18 months of being confined to Australia, I am leaving for Melbourne international airport as soon as I finish this post. Travel exemption and permit were long ago applied for, assessed, and granted. Declarations are all completed, along with a negative COVID PCR test, and associated airline declarations are also done and dusted. Even my consular rights are signed away! All that remains now is the journey, and I feel it will be an exciting experience. More updates to come via my podcast.