WNPP Episode #74 Packing for Zululand Wildlife Masterclass

I have just published episode #74 of my Wild Nature Photography Podcast. In this episode, I discuss the new rumours surrounding the RF Canon 200-500mm L IS USM lens with an inbuilt 1.4 teleconverter and what this lens might mean for wildlife photographers.  I also talk about the challenges surrounding packing both equipment and clothes suitable for my upcoming trip to Africa and Alaska. 

Zululand Ground Level Wildlife Masterclass 2023 Sold Out

The last place has been spoken for on my 2023 ground-level wildlife masterclass to Zululand in South Africa, and the workshop is now sold out. I will offer this workshop again in June of 2024, next year, for a small group of photographers. This is the workshop for you if you have ever wanted to photograph African wildlife at ground and eye level. Full details are now on my website HERE.

Photograph of the Month May 2023 Polar Bear Encounter

The photograph of the month for May 2023 comes from my recent Svalbard Spring Light expedition (Read the Trip Report) and is of a young male Polar Bear on the sea ice at Yoldiabukta in Svalbard. This was an extraordinary encounter that resulted in some remarkable photographs. The combination of soft light, deep fresh snow on the sea ice and the near-perfect fur of the bear, in combination with the low angle of view afforded by the zodiac, provided the perfect opportunity. This image was shot full-frame with the Canon EOS R3, and Canon RF 600mm f4L IS USM. F7.1 was used to ensure sufficient depth of field from the tip of the bear’s nose to its midriff. Depth of field, then gently bleeds off in the distance. Thirty frames per second was utilised to ensure the perfect gesture of the bear with the curled front paw. The curl of the paw helps gives a strong sense of forward motion.