Zululand 2023 Workshop – African Photography Like You Have Never Experienced

I am very excited to announce that in May of 2023, I will be returning to Zululand, Africa for an intensive wildlife masterclass with unparalleled and unique photographic opportunities. This masterclass will be based in a private game reserve in Zululand, South Africa (approximately three hours drive from Durban). Offering luxury accommodation alongside an astonishing array of wildlife photographic opportunities from some of the world’s most advanced and superbly equipped hides – see the video below. This is Africa as you have never experienced. There are currently nine photographic hides on the reserve, including two Bird Bath Hides or Reflection Hides as well as two overnight hides that are fully equipped with bathroom facilities, a kitchenette for meal preparation, and beds for sleeping and resting. These are the most advanced, comfortable, and sophisticated hides anywhere in the world. They facilitate photographic opportunities simply unavailable elsewhere.

This will be a full camp take over meaning that there will be many more opportunities in the overnight photography hides than normal. There will also be ground-level walking with Cheetah photography as well as opportunities with all the big African five – Lions, Rhino, Cape Buffalo, elephants, and giraffes.

This exclusive workshop is for a strictly limited number of just fourteen participants plus a leader and is dedicated to photography of African wildlife at ground level. Although the camp can accommodate many more, we are limiting the number to just fourteen to ensure the best possible experience. Additionally, there will be extensive photographic tuition on how to get the best wildlife photographs including how to get the best photographic results at night from the overnight hides.

This workshop is a full ‘takeover’ of the private game reserve which means you will have full access to the facilities on offer without having to share them with other groups. It also means multiple hide visits for everyone in the group without the usual restrictions as well as more opportunities for one-on-one tuition in the field.

As we are based in the one-game reserve for the duration of the workshop there are no restrictions on how much equipment you can bring – so bring what you need! If you are excited by the idea of photographing many of Africa’s incredible species at ground level from luxurious private hides then now is the time to register your interest. Places are extremely limited and once spoken for that’s it. Drop me an email for further information including a detailed PDF itinerary. Look for the 2022 Africa Trip Report in the coming days.

BenQ Webinar Post Production of Ice and Snow June 2022

On Wednesday the 29th of June this year at 6:30pm Australian Eastern Standard Time, I will be giving my third free live webinar with BenQ. The topic of this webinar will be how to post produce photographs with ice and snow for maximum emotional impact. I will be taking attendees through my full workflow for producing photographs with maximum texture and tone with ice and snow and showing how to get the very best from your RAW files. I will also be talking a little about why colour calibration and accuracy is important. There will also be a live Question and Answer session to address all your queries on post production relating to ice and snow. The webinar is free and is made possible through the generous support of BenQ. The webinar will be held in ZOOM and Registration is mandatory. You can register HERE.

Departing for South Africa Zululand 2022

Four weeks at home have quickly come and gone and tomorrow evening I am going to make my way back to the airport for onward flights to Dubai and Durban for my Zululand, Africa wildlife workshop. I have been looking forward to this trip for a long time as it was originally scheduled to run in 2021; but was delayed because of the ongoing pandemic (isn’t that a story we all want o move past!). Getting back to travel and photography after the pandemic has been a return to my great passions and I am very hopeful we have some incredible wildlife encounters during our time in Africa.

To those of you who have asked about my next Africa workshop. It is coming very soon; and I will have full details about this all new trip to Namibia in May of 2024 in the next few weeks. The itinerary is going to include some absolutely fantastic new camps that are going to give us private access to wildlife in some of the most sought after, wildlife rich areas in the country. Even if you have been to Namibia before, this will be an all new and a totally different experience. It is going to include doors off aerial helicopter photography over the incredible sand sea of the Namib desert as well as aerial photography of the incredible ship wreck, the Eduard Bohlen, a German cargo ship that ran aground in 1909 while it was on its way to Table Bay from Swakopmund. It is believed that thick fog caused the ship to founder close to Conception Bay. Years after the ship ran aground the desert began to encroach on the ocean and the ship that was once stranded in the ocean slowly became stranded in the desert. The wreck currently sits about 500 metres from the ocean, ensuring that it’s the best-preserved shipwreck along Namibia’s Skeleton Coast and making it a must see for photographers. The workshop will also have unmatched wildlife photography that takes in the very best this amazing country has to offer. If you have been wanting to visit Namibia, this is very much going to be the experience you want to be part of.