Canon RAW Image Cloud Processing Update for EOS R3 FW V1.2.0

Canon has quietly launched a new application called that can be downloaded from both the Android and IOS stores. The new application allows you to set up and connect select Canon digital cameras (including the EOS R3 running firmware 1.2.0 or later) and upload RAW captures to the Cloud, where Canon’s algorithm will process them and make them available for download to your computer or smartphone. Pre-processed RAW images and processed images will be stored on for thirty days in original quality. You can see some somewhat tenuous examples of Canon’s processing on their website.

According to Canon, Cloud RAW image processing is most effective for images such as night scenes and astronomical images taken with a high ISO, images taken with a moving subject in a dark place, images with fine stripes and images of buildings with tile/brick patterns.

Cloud RAW image processing is performed in the same operation as in-camera RAW image processing (in other words, the Cloud automates the RAW processing option in the camera). Send RAW images from the camera to and perform higher quality RAW image processing using Canon’s deep learning technology in the cloud. You can easily utilize images by performing RAW image processing on the cloud even when you are away from home, without going through a computer or smartphone.

*Service is scheduled to begin in late July 2022.
*Cloud RAW image processing is a paid service.

The connection process as documented by Canon in their application as of 23.07.2022, currently differs from the menu systems in the Canon EOS R3 running firmware V1.2.0. However, you can make it work by selecting ‘Upload to Web Service’ on the EOS R3 in the network tab and following the ensuing prompts. It’s a somewhat clunky, painful and convoluted process that I am not sure I would be too keen to have to do on a regular basis. I am also somewhat dubious about the ‘need’ for a such a service (especially since some of its features are a paid service).

The need for a service to upload RAW files direct from camera, process them in the Cloud automatically, and then make them available for download seems like a good idea at first glance; however, photojournalist and sports photographers who need finished files as soon as possible usually shoot either RAW + jpeg, or have a dedicated second person on hand to hand-off files for immediate processing and distribution. I remain unsure how many of them would even be interested in this sort of Cloud based service. Certainly, in my line of Nature photography there is little requirement for this sort of service. At least, I cant think of a useful application at this point in time.

Canon also have a decent FAQ on the service available HERE. If you find this service useful and plan on using it for your photography please let me know. I would be very keen to hear how this service helps your workflow.

Canon EOS R3 Firmware V1.2.0 Update Initial Impressions

A quick follow-up to Canon’s new firmware for the EOS R3 V1.2.0. One of the new advertised features is:

Adds the ability to set “Custom high speed continuous” to the Drive mode. It is possible to shoot from 2 to 50 images continuously at a speed of approximately 30 to 195 fps.

A few things to note about this new feature after experimenting post firmware update: By default Hc (High-Speed Custom) is disabled in the new firmware update. You need to go into the menu custom orange functions (menu 3 Restrict Drive modes) and enable it. Then you can set the number of frames per second for Hc (Between 30 and 195 in 10 shot increments) and the number of shots taken (from 2 to 50) using the ‘info’ button. Importantly, this new Hc mode has NO effect on the workaround to shoot 30 FPS continuously in High Speed + mode (See Here). You still need to be in H+ mode for that and not the new High-Speed Custom mode. Hc mode is the new custom mode that is restricted to a max of 50 frames per burst. There is no way to go beyond 50 frames per burst in Hc mode regardless of the FPS you set.

195 FPS with 50 frames happens in just .26 of a second (a great way to get a lot of frames very quickly!). So it’s a nice gimmick.. but pretty useless for the decisive moment capture unless you get very lucky with your shutter release. In fact, my feeling is this new feature is really nothing more Nikon has it, so Canon must too (Nikon can only do it in jpeg – Canon in RAW). Yes, you can get 195 FPS RAW 50 images; but it happens in such a split second that your chance of capturing the decisive moment is basically zero. Off the top of my head, I cannot think of an application where this might be useful? Even dialing down the FPS to 100 with 50 frames is still only .5 of a second shooting; making it very difficult to get the shutter release timing correct to capture the decisive moment.

What I would have personally preferred, would have been a ‘pre-record’ feature such as that found in the RED Epic Camera or even in the Olympus OM-1. The ability to pre-record, so as not to miss the decisive moment would be far more beneficial in my opinion. Perhaps we will see this feature in the next update.

Videographers will no doubt be delighted however at the new 200 FPS option in FHD in the new firmware version 1.2.0.

I will admit I am also intrigued by this new feature: Adds the ability of Cloud RAW processing functionality. RAW processing with the latest image processing technology is possible. This is a paid service that requires the purchase of a Canon Imaging App Service Plan, which will be available starting July 25, 2022. We will have to wait for the new Canon Imaging APP to ascertain how useful this feature is and exactly what it includes. Checking the APP store today (July 23rd, 2022) shows no such application is available.

Canon EOS R3 Firmware Update V1.2.0

Canon has today released new firmware for the EOS R3.

Firmware Version 1.2.0 incorporates the following enhancements and fixes:

  1. Adds the ability to set “Custom high speed continuous” to the Drive mode. It is possible to shoot from 2 to 50 images continuously at a speed of approximately 30 to 195 fps.
  2. Adds the ability to select “FHD 239.76 fps/200.00 fps” in “High frame rate.”
  3. Adds the ability for in-camera “Depth compositing” during “Focus bracketing.”
  4. Adds Focus bracketing and depth compositing with a flash (Speedlite EL-1).
  5. Adds the ability of time-lapse movie recording. Note that the time-lapse movie setting is retained even if the camera enters the Auto Power Off state before starting time-lapse movie recording.
  6. Adds the ability of Cloud RAW processing functionality. RAW processing with the latest image processing technology is possible. This is a paid service that requires the purchase of a Canon Imaging App Service Plan, which will be available starting July 25, 2022.
  7. Adds the ability to convert multiple HEIF images into multiple JPEG images..
  8. Adds the ability to set [Still Image Crop/Aspect] to [Custom Controls]. The assigned button can be used to switch between crop and aspect ratio.
  9. Adds the ability to crop and resize images during transfer to an FTP server.
  10. 802.1X authentication/WPA2-Enterprise now supports the PKCS#12 certificate format.
  11. Adds an electronic shutter sound to be played when the mechanical shutter or electronic 1st-curtain is set.
  12. Enhances the performance of “Movie Digital IS”. It stabilizes the image when taking selfies or walking shots using a wide-angle lens.
  13. Adds [Auto Power Off Temp.: Standard/High] to the menu for still shooting.
  14. Fixes an issue, which displays Error Code 70 on the camera, that may occur, in rare instances, when the [Disp. performance] setting is set to [Smooth].
  15. Fixes minor issues.

Download firmware v1.2.0 for the Canon EOS R3

WNPP Episode #47 Shooting in Cold Climates Part Two

I have just published Episode #47 of my Wild Nature Photography Podcast. This podcast episode includes Part Two of an all-new extended series on shooting in cold climates (See Part One HERE). In this second part, there is further extensive discussion on dressing for cold weather photography with an emphasis on keeping your hands and head warm when photographing in cold climates. The hands are one of the most difficult parts of the body to protect from the cold due to the requirement for a high degree of manual dexterity to operate the camera controls. Anyone who has ever had cold hands when photographing in the cold should listen to this podcast episode.

New Greenland East Coast Last Minute Super Deal August 2022

By invitation, I will be helping to guide an additional expedition to the East Coast of Greenland this August on the fantastic ice-hardened expedition ship M.S Freya (this is the very same ship I have been using in Svalbard for years). Due to the ongoing difficulty of travel from some parts of the world, there are several last-minute places available at greatly reduced pricing. Cabins 3, 6, and 8 are available. All three are upgraded, refurbished twin shares with private ensuites. Pricing by the operators is at a one-time cost price special of just $8,500 USD per person – including the return charter flight from Greenland!

The expedition will run from August 29th until September 8th, 2022, and begins and concludes in Reykjavik, Iceland. All you need to do is get yourself and your cameras to Reykjavik, Iceland in time for the transfer to Aukeryri on the 29th where we will board the ship and begin our expedition. The expedition will conclude in Constable Point Greenland where we will board our charter plane for the return flight to Reykjavik, Iceland. For additional information or to secure one of these heavily discounted places please drop me an email at your earliest convenience. First in best dressed for these places.

If you want to get more of an idea what the East coast of Greenland offers be sure to check out the Adobe Spark presentation HERE.