Frozen Planet Svalbard Expedition in Winter and Spring 2020

In April and May next year I will be leading a new Winter / early Spring expedition to the Svalbard archipelago in search of Polar Bears, Walrus, Reindeer, Arctic Fox and of course spectacular polar landscapes. The Arctic in Winter and Spring is a place to inspire the imagination. It is a white landscape bathed in golden light. The main focus of this expedition will be late Arctic winter and early spring light, landscape and wildlife. In March and April the light conditions in Svalbard are magical. Usually winter trips to Svalbard are limited to day trips on snow mobiles quite close to the town of Longyearbyen. With our expedition ship we will explore a much bigger area including the western and northern areas of Spitzbergen.

This expedition has been designed to provide the very best possible opportunities to experience and photograph Svalbard in winter light. We expect to meet wildlife such as Polar Bears, Walruses, Seals, Arctic Foxes and Reindeer. At this time of year the sea birds will also be returning to their breeding grounds.

This exclusive expedition is for a strictly limited number of just 12 participants plus leader and is dedicated to winter photography in Svalbard. As of a few days ago, we are now down to just the last couple of places before the expedition will be sold out.

We will be using the ice hardened expedition ship M.S Freya that will enable us to skirt the edge of the pack ice searching for and photographing landscapes and wildlife. M.S Feya is widely regarded as the best ship in the Arctic for Photography. Our expedition ship is also equipped with sufficient zodiacs (2 x Zodiac MKV models) and crew for all photographers to be shooting simultaneously with plenty of room to spare for camera equipment – So bring what you need!

Meals will be held onboard the ship and shall consist of breakfast, lunch, afternoon tea/coffee and two course dinner (three course dinner the last evening). Coffee and tea will be available 24 hours a day. The mealtimes shall be held at regular times, but the catering crew has been informed that photography has priority on this expedition and flexibility is necessary. If you have special dietary requirement you will be accommodated – please just be sure to let us know when you make your booking.

If you are excited by the idea of traveling to Svalbard in winter with a small group of dedicated photographers now is the time to secure your place. Once the last places are spoken for that’s it.

Departing for Polar Bears of the High Arctic Expedition 2020

Tomorrow I will be leaving the cold damp of Melbourne’s Winter and making the long journey up to Svalbard in the the Arctic for my 2019 Polar Bears of the High Arctic expedition (where ironically it is likely to be warmer than my home state at this time of year!). The 2019 expedition has been sold out for many months, but there are still a few places left on the 2020 expedition. If you are interested in photographing Polar Bears in their natural environment in one of the most spectacular parts of the Arctic then drop me an email for further details.

For this expedition I will be taking the usual assortment of equipment with a few recent upgrades as noted below. My cameras for this expedition will remain my two Canon EOS 1DX MKII cameras. I am leaving my EOS R mirrorless in the studio as this camera really works for me as a landscape camera on the tripod and the emphasis on this expedition is most definitely wildlife.

  • 2 x Canon EOS 1DX MKII Cameras with spare batteries
  • 1 x Canon 600mm F4L IS MKIII (recently updated from the MKII)
  • 1 x Canon 70-200mm f2.8L IS MKIII (recently updated from the MKII)
  • 1 x Canon 24-70mm f4L IS
  • 1 x Canon 11-24mm f4L
  • 1 x Canon 1.4TC MKIII
  • 1 X Sachtler Carbon Tripod and FSB-6 Fluid Head

I never tire of the wonders of the Arctic and am literally itching to get underway and get some ice under my feet. Bring on the Polar Bears!

Photo of the Month July 2019 – Arctic Fox Blizzard

The headline photograph for my new and upcoming exhibition ‘Frozen in Time‘ is also the photograph of the month for July 2019. Photographed in Svalbard during the frigid winter month of March earlier this year, the image was one of a number I captured of this Arctic Fox high on the hillside just outside the town of Longyearbyen. I vividly recall the specifics of this particular series of photographs as the fox was nestled high up on the side of the hill and I had to park my snow mobile down the bottom and hike up the slippery and steep hillside in deep snow (t was not an easy shot to get!).  Luck was with me on this occasion and the fox, curious about my presence allowed me to approach quite close during the heavy snowstorm.

Iceberg in Antarctica

Where are the Winning Prints from the AIPP 2019 Victorian Nature Category ?

Over the last few days I have received several emails from those interested in the art of printing, asking “where can I go to see the actual prints” of the winning photographs in this years AIPP Victorian Epson Professional Nature Photographer of the Year Awards.  Well, I will have some very exciting news about just this and more in the next few days. Stand by….

Victorian State AIPP Professional Photography Awards 2019

Tomorrow is the official kick off for the 2019 Victorian Professional Photography Awards. Being held at Melbourne Polytechnic Fairfield Campus, Building P, 101 Yarra Bend Road, Fairfield, I will be in attendance as a judge on both Tuesday and Wednesday this week. I will be judging the Nature, Travel and Landscape categories. If you are local, or in the area with some free time its well worth stopping past to check out some of the award winning prints and watch some judging. Hope to see you there.