Testimonials – Svalbard in Winter by Snow Mobile 2019

“Josh, Just wanted to drop you a line about our expedition since we were all whisked away so quickly to parts unknown on our last day. I consider myself very fortunate to have been a part of this expedition and that’s a word I don’t use lightly. It was at times difficult, even very difficult but no truly great experience of this nature should be easy. You and Emil were at all times consummate professionals concerned with our safety first. I never was fearful, your careful instructions and planning eliminated any uncertainty. To be in that place, that very special and unique place was for a once in a lifetime chance that I will never forget. Knowing very few people in this world have or will ever have such an adventure makes me feel especially fortunate. I’m going to let my pictures “steep” in the camera for a while and ruminate on this experience so as to fully appreciate it all.

Thanks once again to you and Emil for never once making us feel like ‘greenhorns’. I wish all the best to you and your future endeavours knowing they’ll be a great success.”



Thanks a lot. From the beginning to the end the entire expedition was unforgettable. I will always remember it. Kevin, Dave and I now have lots of beautiful memories to share with our grandchildren, many years later those memories will be pass to others like grandfather’s mythologies (I mean that with some new editions and improvisations of those memories).

Best regards,


“Hey Joshua,

Thank you for an amazing adventure. It was spectacular and to share it with you was THE BEST. I am so happy that you consider us friends because that is how we think of you. I will always remember this and what a wonderful time with you, Emil, Fatih, Kevin and myself. I know that I will see you again and I hope the same with Fatih and Emil. And now onto the second part of the adventure. When I bought your beautiful polar bear photo on the ice never did I think what it would lead to. I just wanted to go on a trip with the person who made such beauty and it just lead into this. I look forward to being with you many more times. Thanks again Joshua! Best.


Travel Photographer of the Year 2019 Exhibition in London

Travel Photographer of the Year has recently opened a new free open-air photography attraction in London. The exhibition includes the latest winning images from Travel Photographer of the Year 2019. The photographs are now on display at London Bridge City SE1 2DB – adjacent to City Hall and the Scoop and opposite the Tower of London. Included in the exhibition is my highly commended self portrait photograph from Svalbard in Winter.

The exhibition of world-class contemporary travel photography will be viewable 24 hours a day and run until April 30. So, if you’re in London during this period, don’t miss it. No need to book tickets – just turn up and enjoy!

Svalbard Winter 2019 Expedition Complete

Early this morning I returned to port in Longyearbyen and wrapped up my 2019 Winter ship expedition in the Svalbard archipelago. I will have a full trip report soon, but in brief we experienced what can only be described as challenging weather conditions during our expedition with consistently strong winds that saw us sheltering in many of the fjords to avoid the large sea swells. Despite the weather, we were very fortunate to encounter one of the most active and photogenic Polar Bears I have yet had the pleasure to photograph (more on this later) as well as some truly fabulous Walrus on ice encounters.  I am now headed back to Australia for a few weeks at home (and some time to process and print some photographs!) before I head south to Tasmania for two back-to-back landscape workshops.

Photo of the Month March 2019 – Winter Moon Rising

The photograph of the month for March 2019 comes from my Winter Arctic expedition last year aboard M.S Origo and is of the full moon rising above the snow draped mountains of Svalbard.  Photographed from the back deck of our expedition ship with friends Vincent Munier, Daniel Bergmann and Chris Wahl we stood out on the rear deck waiting for the moon to rise above the mountains for a couple of hours. I recall the temperature around -20ºC and near perfect clear skies. I thought we had calculated the time and position the moon would rise perfectly, but as it turned out we had forgotten to take into account the mountains and so with our patience almost at an end and no moon in sight we had just about given up and gone inside for a warm drink. Thanks to Chris for staying outside for a cigarette and coming to get us quickly when he saw the moon starting make an appearance behind the mountains. Who says nothing good comes from smoking!