Photo of the Month March 2019 – Winter Moon Rising

The photograph of the month for March 2019 comes from my Winter Arctic expedition last year aboard M.S Origo and is of the full moon rising above the snow draped mountains of Svalbard.  Photographed from the back deck of our expedition ship with friends Vincent Munier, Daniel Bergmann and Chris Wahl we stood out on the rear deck waiting for the moon to rise above the mountains for a couple of hours. I recall the temperature around -20ºC and near perfect clear skies. I thought we had calculated the time and position the moon would rise perfectly, but as it turned out we had forgotten to take into account the mountains and so with our patience almost at an end and no moon in sight we had just about given up and gone inside for a warm drink. Thanks to Chris for staying outside for a cigarette and coming to get us quickly when he saw the moon starting make an appearance behind the mountains. Who says nothing good comes from smoking!

Svalbard Winter Snow Mobile Expedition Two 2019

Yesterday evening I wrapped up my second and final winter snow mobile expedition for 2019 here in Svalbard. As per the first trip, conditions were and remain just about ideal for scootering across the landscape in search of wildlife (although the weather has been much warmer and with a little more wind than the previous week). There was also some heavy snow during the week which actually improved driving conditions further out on the normally very bumpy sea ice. During these two expeditions I drove over 2000 kilometres on snow mobile and my back and shoulders are now more than a little sore.  Thankfully I now have a couple of days to rest and recover before kicking off my winter boat expedition in search of wildlife and arctic winter landscapes. At the conclusion of this expedition I will return home to Australia for a few weeks before I head down to Tasmania for two back-to-back landscape workshops in the ‘apple isle’.

Svalbard Winter Snow Mobile Expedition One 2019

Yesterday evening I wrapped up my first winter snow mobile expedition for 2019 here in Svalbard. This year conditions were and remain just about ideal for scootering across the landscape in search of wildlife. There is a great covering of soft fresh snow and there is none of the bare ice that dominated the landscape last year that made driving difficult and caused the scooters to frequently overheat.

I will have a full trip report when I return to Australia but in brief, during the course of the five day expedition we encountered three Polar Bears on our first day in Templefjord (before it was closed by the Governor), then six on the second day in both Templefjord and on the East Coast near Monbukta. Day three, four and five we focused our efforts on Arctic Fox, Reindeer and Ptarmigan. Ptarmigan proved a little thin on the ground this trip but we had absolutely superb Arctic Fox and Reindeer.

I now have a couple of days to rest and recover before kicking off the second snow mobile expedition and then my winter boat expedition before I will return home to Australia.

Arctic Fox Expedition 2020 SOLD OUT

My 2020 Winter expedition to photograph Arctic Fox in the remote north west Hornstrandir Reserve in Iceland is now sold out. If you missed out and are keen to photograph this tenacious little predator in a spectacular winter setting then I am now taking bookings for the 2021 expedition. The 2021 expedition will run from February 1st until February 6th (6 Days / 5 Nights) and includes return private transfer in a charter boat to our private cabin (departing from the town of Isafjord), accomodation in private rooms in the cabin, breakfast, lunch and dinner for the duration of the expedition and all photographic instruction.

Our accommodation for the expedition is a cozy but rugged haven for photographers to enjoy a great atmosphere after a day out in the cold photographing Arctic FoxesThe house was originally built in 1921. In 1948 (just 27 years later), the last inhabitants left this isolated arctic peninsula in search of a better life. The cabin was abandoned for many years and has only recently been restored. Although no one lives here permanently, the cabin is a great getaway and the perfect place to accommodate us whilst we photograph wild Arctic Foxes. Curious Arctic Foxes frequently stop past the cabin to investigate visitors and it is possible to even photograph them from right outside the cabin on occasion. Life is simple in the cabin and you’ll be taken back in time as you enjoy how people lived in the area more than sixty years ago.

The cabin includes:

– Bathroom, toilet and hot shower.
– Bunk-bed accommodation with duvets provided
– Full kitchen (chef to prepare meals and clean)
– Hydronic and log fire heating
– Power for laptops and battery charging (generator provided) – Outdoor Sauna

If you are interested in photographing one of Nature’s greatest feats of engineering in a beautiful and private winter setting then please drop me an email to register your interest.

Faroe Islands Workshop 2019 SOLD OUT

Just a quick update that my workshop to the Faroe Islands this August is now SOLD OUT. The Faroe island’s position is unique and is the frame for breathtaking views; beautiful mountains, majestic fjords, dramatic sea cliffs; all in all a photographers paradise. The islands have a rich bird life, Including the largest colony of storm petrels in the world and over 305 bird species including Razor Bills and Atlantic Puffins. On this ‘one-time’ only workshop to these remote Islands we will be focused on both the landscapes and wildlife (Puffins and Razor Bills) of these remarkable Islands. For those of you who enquired about a future workshop dedicated to Puffin photography I will have an offering at some stage in the future on a small Island north of Iceland where we can be well away from tourists and general travellers. Stand by for more information on this soon.