Svalbard Winter Snow Mobile Expedition Two 2019

Yesterday evening I wrapped up my second and final winter snow mobile expedition for 2019 here in Svalbard. As per the first trip, conditions were and remain just about ideal for scootering across the landscape in search of wildlife (although the weather has been much warmer and with a little more wind than the previous week). There was also some heavy snow during the week which actually improved driving conditions further out on the normally very bumpy sea ice. During these two expeditions I drove over 2000 kilometres on snow mobile and my back and shoulders are now more than a little sore.  Thankfully I now have a couple of days to rest and recover before kicking off my winter boat expedition in search of wildlife and arctic winter landscapes. At the conclusion of this expedition I will return home to Australia for a few weeks before I head down to Tasmania for two back-to-back landscape workshops in the ‘apple isle’.

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