Melrakki Open Edition for Sale at the Arctic Fox Centre in Iceland

For those of you heading to Iceland this season open edition, soft cover copies of my book Melrakki – the Arctic Fox project, are shortly to be available for sale at the Arctic Fox Centre in Sudavik in Iceland. All proceeds from sales go directly to the Arctic Fox centre. Large format fine art prints from the project will also be on display at the centre in the coming weeks.“The Arctic Fox Centre is a non-profit research and exhibition center, focusing on the arctic fox (Vulpes lagopus) – the only native terrestrial mammal in Iceland. The Arctic Fox Centre was established on September 15th 2007 in Sudavik Westfjords. Founders were 42, mostly local people, tourist operators and municipalities in the Westfjords. All of which share their interest in the arctic foxes and believe in increasing ecotourism in Iceland. The idea of the Arctic Fox Centre comes from prof. Pall Hersteinsson, University of Iceland and he serves as a quality witness for the center.”

Melrakki Calendar 2018 SOLD OUT

The 2018 Calendar Melrakki is now SOLD OUT. Thank you to all those who purchased a copy of this limited edition calendar.

Nature Photographer Joshua Holko presents photographs from three years of solitary winter expeditions to the Arctic in extreme conditions to photograph one of Nature’s greatest survivors; Vulpes lagopus. The Arctic Fox.

Printed in Australia by the Nulab Group the calendars measure 42xm x 30cm closed and 80cm x 30cm open and are spiral bound. The calendars are printed on the highest quality stock with a gloss laminate using the HP Indego printer process. The front cover includes an Arctic Fox logo cut out reveal and each month includes one photograph from the project as well as select project notes from the Limited Edition book.

Includes twelve photographs in total and field notes from the three years Joshua Holko spent photographing this remarkable predator during winter in the extreme north-west of Iceland.

Photographs and Text by Joshua Holko

Melrakki – The Arctic Fox Soft Cover Open Edition Now Available

I am extremely pleased and excited to announce today that Melrakki; my book on the Arctic fox is now available for order as an open edition soft-cover (the Limited Edition is Sold Out). The culmination of three years of winter photography in the extreme north-west of Iceland, Melrakki is available for order online now. And to celebrate the first ten orders will also include an original 11″ x 09″ inch fine-art pigment on paper print. The included fine-art pigment-on-paper print is printed on Moab Somerset Museum Rag 300gsm paper and is hand signed.

With foreword by pre-eminent scientist and Arctic fox expert Dr. Ester Rut Unnsteinsdóttir, Melrakki includes over fifty photographs and field notes from the three years spent photographing this remarkable predator in the extreme north-west of Iceland.

Melrakki Open Edition is printed in Australia using the highest possible quality Indego printer system and is printed on High Definition Lustre paper that fully captures all of the incredible colour and tones of the original photographs. I am also extremely proud to have been able to print this open edition in Australia and to be able to offer it at such a competitive price.

Melrakki Open Edition is just $35 AUD plus shipping and can be ordered online exclusively through my website HERE.

I hope that you enjoy the photographs, insights and field notes from this project into the frozen world of Melrakki – the Arctic fox.

Photographs and Text by Joshua Holko

Approximate Dimensions: 22cm x 30 cm

96 pages (over 50 photographs + field notes)

ISBN: 978-0-646-95781-4

Melrakki Wins The Prestigious Benny Trophy at the Premiere Print Awards in the USA 2017

In some very exciting news I learned a few days ago that my Limited Edition book Melrakki (now sold out as the Limited Edition) has just won best in category for digital printing as well as the the prestigious Benny Award at the Premiere Print Awards held by the Printing Industry of America. The Premier Print award goes to those print companies who demonstrate a unique ability to create visual masterpieces. The entry represents the unique partnership between designer, and printer, need and creativity, technology and craft. Of the more than 2,200 entries received Melrakki was chosen as exemplifying the highest standards in the printing industry! This new award follows straight on from the news that Melrakki also won Gold at the National Australian Print Awards a few weeks ago. It has been a great couple of weeks!The entry edition for the both the Premiere Print Awards and the Australian Print Awards was produced by Nulab in Melbourne after extensive consultation on specialised custom finishes to ensure an absolute no compromise deluxe limited edition with the highest possible quality and finish. The final edition includes a hand bevelled glass cover, with leather spine with deluxe lay-flat album pages. Each page in the album represents the pinnacle of digital printing and matches the subtleties and nuances of the original fine-art inkjet prints.I am absolutely thrilled with these results and I want to thank Michael Warshall and his amazing team at Nulab again for all of their efforts in the production of this super deluxe limited edition. Originally produced as a single one off edition just for both these awards we have decided to make this super deluxe limited edition available for sale in the limited quantity of just five (5) copies (the first edition is already sold). The remaining four will be made available for sale on my website over the coming weeks. Each of these four editions will be hand signed, numbered and include a 20″ x 30″ fine art print from the book printed on Moab Somerset Museum Rag. Each edition comes in a presentation box. For existing owners of the Limited Edition there will be an upgrade offer to upgrade your copy to this new edition if you so desire. The remaining four editions will be sold on a first come, first served basis.

Melrakki Limited Edition Book Sold Out

Melrakki Limited Edition is now Sold Out. My sincere thanks to all of you who purchased a copy of this book that documented my time photographing Arctic Fox across three years in winter in the north of Iceland. As this book was limited edition it will no longer be available in this hardcover form. However, calendars for the coming 2018 year of the Melrakki project are now available  for sale on my website and there may be a future open edition soft cover book of the project.