Canon RAW Image Cloud Processing Update for EOS R3 FW V1.2.0

Canon has quietly launched a new application called that can be downloaded from both the Android and IOS stores. The new application allows you to set up and connect select Canon digital cameras (including the EOS R3 running firmware 1.2.0 or later) and upload RAW captures to the Cloud, where Canon’s algorithm will process them and make them available for download to your computer or smartphone. Pre-processed RAW images and processed images will be stored on for thirty days in original quality. You can see some somewhat tenuous examples of Canon’s processing on their website.

According to Canon, Cloud RAW image processing is most effective for images such as night scenes and astronomical images taken with a high ISO, images taken with a moving subject in a dark place, images with fine stripes and images of buildings with tile/brick patterns.

Cloud RAW image processing is performed in the same operation as in-camera RAW image processing (in other words, the Cloud automates the RAW processing option in the camera). Send RAW images from the camera to and perform higher quality RAW image processing using Canon’s deep learning technology in the cloud. You can easily utilize images by performing RAW image processing on the cloud even when you are away from home, without going through a computer or smartphone.

*Service is scheduled to begin in late July 2022.
*Cloud RAW image processing is a paid service.

The connection process as documented by Canon in their application as of 23.07.2022, currently differs from the menu systems in the Canon EOS R3 running firmware V1.2.0. However, you can make it work by selecting ‘Upload to Web Service’ on the EOS R3 in the network tab and following the ensuing prompts. It’s a somewhat clunky, painful and convoluted process that I am not sure I would be too keen to have to do on a regular basis. I am also somewhat dubious about the ‘need’ for a such a service (especially since some of its features are a paid service).

The need for a service to upload RAW files direct from camera, process them in the Cloud automatically, and then make them available for download seems like a good idea at first glance; however, photojournalist and sports photographers who need finished files as soon as possible usually shoot either RAW + jpeg, or have a dedicated second person on hand to hand-off files for immediate processing and distribution. I remain unsure how many of them would even be interested in this sort of Cloud based service. Certainly, in my line of Nature photography there is little requirement for this sort of service. At least, I cant think of a useful application at this point in time.

Canon also have a decent FAQ on the service available HERE. If you find this service useful and plan on using it for your photography please let me know. I would be very keen to hear how this service helps your workflow.

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