I hope everyone had a great New Years Eve and New Years day – 2011 already!

I am going away for a few days R&R to Daylesford with my wife tomorrow so updates may be a bit sporadic over the next week or so. I do plan to squeeze in some photography around the Lakehouse and surrounding area whilst we are away – at least I am packing the photography gear with the best of intentions. This trip is really about R&R, good food, good wine and time out; but I cant help but take the camera gear as Daylesford is quite picturesque if the weather and light are accommodating.

I am working on a plan for 2011 in terms of photographic trips and hope to post an update at some stage over the next week. In the meantime I have updated the photo of the month for January 2011. This time its my favourite photograph from Landmannalaugar in Iceland. You can read about the making of this photograph HERE on my Blog. A high resolution version of this photograph is on my portfolio website at www.jholko.com under Iceland.