Finalist BBC and ANZANG Wildlife Nature Photographer of the Year

A few days ago I received the exciting news that a number of my photographs have been selected for the final round of judging for both the BBC Wildlife Photographer of the Year and ANZANG Australia and New Zealand Nature Photographer of the Year competitions for 2016. This is the fifth year in a row I have had my photographs selected for the finals in the BBC Wildlife Photographer of the Year competition and the fourth time I have had images in the finals of ANZANG. I hope to share the images here on my blog as soon as the final round of judging is completed.WildlifeTog

5 thoughts on “Finalist BBC and ANZANG Wildlife Nature Photographer of the Year

  1. Excellent news Josh and thoroughly deserved too. You are nothing if not consistent if this is your 5th consecutive year, I wouldn’t have thought there will be anyone even remotely close to that statistic mate! What are the prizes this year?

    I know that photography is your career but how do you keep yourself so positive? I would think that the amazing sights you see/capture helps but how do you keep your enthusiasm?

    What have you got planned for the next few weeks, will we be seeing you heading back to the Polar regions or have you something else planned? Is there a time when its not worth heading out to the ice caps, excuse my ignorance on this matter 😦

    Ok that’s enough interrogation for now buddy, whatever/wherever you end up have a great time but please stay safe!



    1. Thanks Andy! I actually have no idea what the prize is.. I really enter it each year to compete against myself and see how my years images stack up against previous.

      Staying positive is easy though.. when you love and live what you do and you dont want to do anything else its always easy to keep the motivation levels at maximum 🙂

      Heading home from Africa in ten days and then two weeks at home before New Zealand.. 🙂

      Cheers Andy.



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