Polar Bears of Svalbard 2018 – Two Places Available

I have just had two places become available on my Polar Bears of Svalbard expedition this July.  If you are interested in photographing wild Polar Bears on the pack ice north of Svalbard this is absolutely the expedition you want to be on. With our small ice-hardened ship with low decks (enabling us to get to eye level with Polar Bears) and with just twelve participants in total we are poised to ensure the best possible opportunities. This photograph taken on a previous years expedition.These last two places are filled on a first come, first served basis. If you are interested in joining, or would like more information please drop me an email at info@jholko.com

Svalbard in Winter 2019 Expedition SOLD OUT

My 2019 Winter expedition to Svalbard is already Sold Out. Thank you to all those who will be joining me for this exciting winter expedition next year. Winter in Svalbard is a magical time and I really look forward to travelling and photographing in the Arctic in winter. To those of you who have asked about 2020 and beyond, I am at this stage unsure if I will be offering a future expedition in winter specifically to Svalbard, but will have more to say on this and other new expeditions in a future update.

Arctic and Antarctic 2019 Calendar Now Available

German calendar company KV&H has just released a new calendar for 2019 that exclusively includes my photography from both the Arctic and Antarctic. The calendar can be ordered online HERE.

Award-winning Australian nature photographer Joshua Holko has a passion for the polar and sub-polar regions of the world. At temperatures as low as -40 degrees Celsius, his impressive photos of the Arctic worlds capture the beauty and fascination of one of the last untouched patches of the earth.

Photo of the Month May 2018: Winter Plumage

I have been wanting to photograph Ptarmigan in their winter plumage in some nice clean snow for some time now and finally got my chance this Winter in Svalbard. This was one of three Ptarmigan that were feeding on some patchy snow covered ground just outside the small town of Longyearbyen. To make this photograph I simply positioned myself down low to try and get the bird on the clean snow. Seasonally camouflaged; the Ptarmigan’s feathers moult from white in winter to a mottle brown in spring or summer. In winter, its plumage becomes completely white except for the small patch near the eye.

The High Arctic Expedition 2019 Now Open for Bookings

Today I am excited to announce my new expedition to the High Arctic in July 2019. This brand new expedition will run from the 13th of July until the 22nd of July and will begin and end in the small town of Longyearbyen in Svalbard. I have been leading and guiding expeditions to the High Arctic of Svalbard for many years now and this new expedition encompasses all that I have learned in the way of the best time to visit, the best ship to travel on and the best locations to be at, at the right time, when the light is at its absolute best.With our ice hardened expedition class ship our plan is to sail directly up to the pack ice north of Svalbard in search of Polar Bears and spectacular arctic landscapes. This expedition offers a complete Arctic experience for photography: zodiac photography cruises  near calving glacier fronts, pack ice with Polar Bears, Walrus, Arctic Fox and a lot more. It is going to be a truly spectacular photographic trip for a very limited number of photographers aboard an ice hardened expedition class ship.

There will be plenty of opportunity for one-on-one instruction for those who wish it throughout the length of the trip. As well as informal side by side shooting from the deck of the ship, on zodiac and during shore landings there will be lots of opportunity to discuss all aspects of photography and image making with like-minded individuals. If you are keen to travel and photograph in the high Arctic now is the time to secure your place. A detailed itinerary PDF can be downloaded HERE. There are only twelve places available and once spoken for, thats it.