A New Generation Rises Up – Photojournalism Essay

A few days ago one of my good clients and friends, Jose Antonio sent me a photojournalism piece he put together on the recent uprising by the new young generation in Peru. I was unaware of the events transpiring in Peru as none of this received any coverage here in Australia on either our prime time news or radio (unless I managed to missed it). It is not very often I share something like this that falls outside of the Nature genre of photography, but Jose’s piece is truly outstanding and worth a few minutes of your day to read and absorb.

A New Generation Rises Up

In the second week of November, young people in Peru took massively to the streets to protest against the latest outrage by the countries political class. This was a new style of demonstrating by a previously apolitical generation. The atmosphere was creative, non violent and festive. After five days of marching the new generation forced the political class to retreat. They had achieved their goals.

Download the attached document to look at the text and photographs from this historic moment.

Travel Photographer of the Year Finalist 2020

I received some exciting news yesterday morning that I have again been selected as a finalist with five photographs across two seperate categories in the 2020 Travel Photographer of the Year competition. This was actually quite a surprise to me as I have no recollection of actually entering this year. I took a hiatus from the competition last year as I was focusing all my efforts on local print competition only. This year I had thought to do the same as last and keep my focus solely on local printing, but as It happens must have entered at some point (no old age comments!). As final judging has not yet taken place I am unable to share the photographs at this point, but will do so once judging is complete.

This is the first year in many I believe that the final round of judging for TPOTY will not be via prints; but instead will be of digital images. I assume this is as a result of the continual COVID mess across Europe (thankfully Australia is now COVID free as of late November 2020).

Travel Photographer of the Year competition has been one of the few photographic competitions remaining today that still judge the ‘print’ (in the finals) rather than a compressed jpeg. I wrote quite some years ago now of my disillusionment with so many of the photography competitions that make their judgements solely on a jpeg file. The craft of producing a beautiful fine art print is one of the most enjoyable aspects of photography for me and is how I prefer to have my work viewed. Hopefully 2021 will see a return to print judging.

Latitude Photography Podcast Polar Photography

Brent Bergherm over at Latitude Photography has just published a new Podcast episode on my Polar Photography. We recorded the podcast earlier this year, but with COVID and all the other world issues at play it took a little while to get published.  The podcast covers how I got started as a specialist Polar Photographer, preparing for the shoot, the Falkland Islands and what makes them special, Souther Georgia Island and a lot more. Listen to the Podcast.