Hungarian Digitålis Foto Magazine – Ice Cold Passion

The August 2021 issue of Digitålis Foto magazine from Hungary includes a feature article on my photography ‘Ice Cold Passion‘. This is not the first time I have been published and featured in a foreign language magazine, but it is a first for me in this region of Eastern Europe. It is actually quite near and dear to my heart as my father was born in Cinobana Czechoslovakia (a country that does not exist anymore). You can download an extract of the article HERE. I hope your Hungarian is up to scratch 🙂

WNPP Episode #14 Book Review Kamchatka by Vincent Munier

I have just published Episode #14 of my Wild Nature Photography Podcast. In this episode, we return to book reviews and discuss and review Vincent Munier’s wonderful (but sadly out of print) Kamchatka. For those of you who may be unfamiliar with Kamchatka; it is located in a remote part of far eastern Russia, lying between the Sea of Okhotsk on the west and the Pacific Ocean and the Bering Sea on the east. It’s renowned for its supervolcano, dramatic landscapes, and wild bears. If you can find a copy of Kamchatka in a second-hand book store anywhere I highly recommend you grab it at pretty much any price. 

I have also added two new levels of support for the Podcast that include monthly image critiques for those of you who would like feedback on your work and one-on-one one hour mentoring sessions on Post production and Image Processing.

Wild Nature Photography Podcast Hits 1000+ Downloads

It didn’t take very long, but sometime last night the new Podcast trickled over 1000+ downloads. Thank you to those who have supported the Podcast channel either with feedback, comment or by buying me a coffee to help with the hosting fees (around $25 a month). By way of a glimpse into the future: Coming up will be more photography book reviews, more thoughts on the new Canon EOS R3, and my thoughts on preparing for photography workshops and more. I am also very much looking forward to Podcasting from the road and from the wilds of northern Finland in October later this year.

Photo of the Month August 2021 – Glacial Fire

The photograph of the month for August 2021 comes from my 2016 expedition to the archipelago of Svalbard. Photographed from zodiac somewhere around midnight. The atmospheric conditions were sublime, with a combination of gently rising fog over the glacier and the sun burning through creating a wonderful warm glow over the glacier. The addition of the Gull adds a strong sense of scale. One of my most favourite landscapes from Svalbard.