Back from the Victorian High Country

I am back from a recent last minute overnight stealth mission 🙂 to Craig’s Hut at the top of Mount Sterling in the Victorian High Country. Leaving Friday afternoon as soon as I could get away from the office my cousin and I headed off for what ended up being an expensive and somewhat eventful evening.

With the bitumen left far behind, the sun starting to set and only 17kms left to travel across the rough 4-wheel drive high country roads I got my first flat tyre in the BM X5. The cuplrit? A rather large jagged rock that went right through the right rear side wall of the tyre instantly deflating it. Grrr…

It unfortunately got worse as closer inspection revealed not only was the right rear tyre completley destroyed, but the left rear was down to the canvas on the inside edge and would also need replacing on return to Melbourne.

A quick swap over was not to be however. For some reason the lock nut to get the wheel off requires a different size socket to the rest of the wheel nuts (don’t know what BMW were thinking on that one). After much head scratching and nashing of teeth we were saved by a passing 4WD complete with tool kit. The wheel was changed and we were back on our way.

It was totally dark by the time we got to the hut and made camp. Some JW black label was consumed (read: the entire bottle), some cheese and biscuits before we turned in for the night.

The early morning start saw a wonderful alpine glow (and a bit of a hangover).

Back in Melbourne the next day and two new rear ‘pradas’ in the form of 295 45 19’s are ordered from the local tyre centre at more than $1500 – ouch. This ended up an expensive photograph! (But one I like very much).

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