New Zealand – Last Light over Cook and Tasman

Nothing else quite says ‘Alpine’ like the last rays of sunlight reflected on snow capped mountains. With temperatures plummeting to a frigid -19 degrees Celsius as the sun dipped below the horizon this was one of the last frames I reeled off from the small mountain helicopter before we returned to base for the evening (for some serious thawing out!). This photograph includes Mount Cook (on the right) and Mount Tasman (on the left) as well as the Fox Glacier and for me captures the essence of New Zealand’s grand Alps. To be at an altitude of eleven thousand feet over the Alps in a small helicopter with the doors off in the dead of winter with perfect weather and light is remarkable to say the least.

4 thoughts on “New Zealand – Last Light over Cook and Tasman

  1. This is a beautiful scene but, for me, it lacks the inspiration that invites the viewer to participate in the image. I can’t say I have ever been on a helicopter to view alpine mountains, though I’ve certainly stood on the peaks of quite a few. So, for me, the Castle at Mt Buffalo invites me to enjoy and involve myself in the scene, whilst I tend to view Last Light as a panorama. The Castle is a well-thought-out piece of art.


  2. I had time to set up the camera on a tripod for the ‘The Castle’ and carefully compose the frame. For ‘Last Light on Cook and Tasman’ I was hand holding from a moving helicopter – a much more difficult photograph to make and one that speaks to a different audience. Thanks for your feedback Canon Fan.


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