2010 – What’s in Store?

I will be heading to Iceland in July / August this year for three weeks of dedicated landscape and wilderness photography, with a short stopover in Denmark and London for a few days rest and relaxation – a trip I am very much looking forward to. Although I have never been to Iceland before I have read a great deal about it. From a photography perspective it is widely regarded as one of the finest locations for landscape and wilderness photography in the world. With everything from volcanoes to glaciers and icebergs (and just about everything in between) there is a huge amount of interesting subject matter to photograph. It never truly gets dark in Iceland during the summer; which means the best light for photography (the golden light) lasts for hours. The combination of great light and subject are two of the key components in a good landscape photograph (composition is the third) and I am hopeful of getting all three and capturing some unique and interesting photographs. I am also planning quite a few local photographic trips in Victoria and will head back to Tasmania later in the year for another visit. Another trip to New Zealand is also not out of the question for later this year if time permits.

From an equipment perspective it is likely we are going to see an update to my much loved Canon EOS 1DS MK3 in 2010. The new MK IV will undoubtedly offer even more mega-pixels as well as video capability. Whilst I am not overly excited by video per se I am interested in seeing how adding this capability to my equipment will affect my photography. The small pocket Canon S90 that pretty much travels everywhere with me already has video capability and I have used it on several occasions. I will not be rushing to upgrade my MK3 just to have the new model, but am interested in the evolution that is occurring with video in still photography and will undoubtedly rent or borrow one to try.

My next landscape outing is most likely to be to Cape Shank near Flinders in Victoria (weather and time permitting) in the next few weeks. With its black basalt cliffs and rocks Cape Shank is one of my favourite locations for ‘ocean-beach’ photography. I want to photograph this location during some stormy weather to best capture its wild essence, so will wait for ideal weather before making the trip.

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