Video is the Current Buzz Word in Photography – Is 3D Next?

If your a photographer, you would have to have been living under a rock not to know that the addition of video to digital still cameras is the current ‘big thing’ in traditional still photography. With virtually every new camera released these days having some sort of video capability of varying quality it was only a matter of time before someone announced the worlds first 3D camcorder. Kudos to Panasonic for being the first – even if the price tag is a little on the high side.

The Panasonic AG-3DA1 will ship this Autumn in the USA with a hefty price tag in excess of $36,000 US for the full suite of products.

World's First 3D Camcorder

The comparatively lightweight 6.6-pound camcorder uses dual 2.07 megapixel 3-MOS imagers to record full HD 1080p video in 3D. Even using AVCHD compression, the camera gobbles up about 350MB every minute, requiring dual SDHC card slots to handle the massive outflow of data. With two 32GB cards in place, directors get about 180 minutes of shooting time. Where are you RED?

Additional specifications and Available for Pre-order from Digital Trends

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