Cape Woolamai – The Pinnacles : The Odd One Out

This is the third and final photograph I am going to post from the recent trip to the Pinnacles at Cape Woolamai in Victoria. I rarely do black and white images; I just see the world in colour and its colour that usually catches my eye and appeals to me in a photograph. It’s not that I don’t appreciate a really good black and white image – because I certainly do; and I am very glad there are photographers out there who specialise in this classic medium (and very glad of publications such as LensWork). That said, I new this image would be black and white before I even released the shutter. I was clambering over the boulders waiting for the light to improve when I spied one boulder that was much lighter in colour than all of those around it – the odd one out. It just screamed black and white to me and as I have learned it is usually best to go with my first instinct for a photograph. So, I framed it, shot it and converted it to greyscale in Lightroom and set about some minimal dodging and burning. I have also applied a very subtle tint to the final photograph. The shot works in colour as well, but its the black and white tones that simplify and enhance this photograph for me.

The Odd One Out

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