Adobe Lightroom Three – Whats New Videos

With the release of Adobe Lightroom three slowly inching closer (it is coming, right… Adobe?) Adobe has some useful ‘Whats New’ videos to help existing Lightroom users get quickly up to speed with new functionality, workflow enhancements etc..

To date I have resisted the temptation to download the Lightroom 3 Beta V1 or V2. The idea of working with BETA software is not very appealing to me, nor are the potential implications for merging BETA and full release version catalogues. However, I really like the new enhancements that have been added by Adobe into Lightroom 3 and am eagerly awaiting the full release. Unfortunately, there is still no mention of soft proofing being added into a 3.0 release; which means still having to round trip through Photoshop to soft proof the image and choose an appropriate rendering intent for the printer. I do hope Adobe adds in this key feature as Lightroom cannot truly be the ultimate tool for photographers from ‘input to output’ without soft proofing capability. Soft proofing is far more important to me as a photographer than the ability to directly upload my photographs from Lightroom to websites such as Flickr.

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