Mungo Trip – The Walls of China

I am leaving tomorrow morning for a few days landscape and wilderness photography in the far north of Victoria at Mungo, the Walls of China and Perry Sandhills with a probable stop off in Mildura. I have not been to any of these locations before for photography. The Walls of China at Mungo are supposed to be quite scenic and I have seen some pretty good photography come out of this area so have my fingers crossed for some good weather and light. The timing is otherwise excellent with a full moon and relatively clear Autumn skies.

Its a good six hour plus drive from my house to Mungo and then around 70 kilometres of dirt road to get into the main camp area. I am told the road is usually closed during or just after heavy rain so I am hoping the weather is on my side. I am taking my full Canon and lenses kit (except the 85mm F1.2L) as well as all the necessary camp equipment for a few days stay. Mobile phone and internet reception is supposed to be non existent at Mungo (I am not sure about Perry Sanhills) so probably wont be able to post any updates from the field.

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