Mungo Trip – A Wash Out

Unfortunately I have had to cut my photographic trip to Mungo, Mildura and the Walls of China a couple of days shorter than I had originally intended. Pretty much non stop rain for the last 48 hours meant that the road into Mungo and the Walls of China was a total quagmire and closed; combined with unforeseen circumstances at the office in Melbourne and it was time to throw in the towel on this trip and head home.

I did manage to squeeze in some photography between the rain storms at the Perry Sandhills near Wentworth in New South Wales as well as an old abandoned house near Charlton in Victoria that I stumbled across on the way home; so the trip was not a complete write off. The road into Perry Sandhills was in a similar state to the road into Mungo. Soft sand, combined with days of rain turned the whole thing into something akin to quicksand and I nearly got bogged several times just getting into the car park. I am pretty tired after more than fourteen hours of driving in the last two days but will post some more photographs from the trip soon. I am not looking forward to washing the BM!

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