Adobe TV – Top 5 Favourite Things in Lightroom 3

Adobe has posted a new video showing Terry White’s top 5 favourite Lightroom 3 features. Note they don’t say Beta anywhere in the video – in fact, Terry quotes “Lightroom 3 is here! In this episode I’ll show you my Top 5 Favorite New Features. Lightroom 3 has lots of new features that I absolutely LOVE, however in this Episode I’ll show you my top 5 favourites.” Top 5 Favourite Lightroom 3 Features. The short video clip demonstrates new capabilities such as tethered capture, custom watermarks, flexible print package layouts, lens correction plus additional slide show features including video export and background soundtracks. Unfortunately there is still no mention of soft proofing, but you would have to believe that the 3.0 release is now very close with the release of this video.

Lightroom 3.0 Video

Edit (A couple of hours on) – Well it looks like someone at Adobe slipped up – the video has been removed. Luckily I grabbed the quote from Terry White off the site before they took it down. Adobe really is the ship that never stops leaking…

Edit 2 – You can actually still get to the video on google’s cache HERE as of 8:12pm EST.

One thought on “Adobe TV – Top 5 Favourite Things in Lightroom 3

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