Ruins Outside of Charlton – Part One

On the drive back to Melbourne from Perry Sandhills (Part One & Part Two) in New South Wales I stumbled across an old abandoned house not far out of the small town of Charlton on the Calder Highway. It was one of those serendipitous moments when I just happened to glance out the side window of the car at just the right moment to spy the building in a distant paddock, partially obscured by some large trees. Australia’s countryside is liberally sprinkled with old sheds, barns and buildings – but they are usually overly dilapidated and of corrugated iron construction; which generally does not photograph at all well (at least I dont find them photogenic). This building was a good find however as its construction was old brick and its state of disrepair ideal for photography.

Old buildings such as this are getting harder and harder to find, so I have book marked this one to go back when storms are forecast for some external shots in contextual surroundings. In this photograph, taken from one of the front rooms looking out to the front door I have used the two doorways to stack depth and to try and guide the eye through the shot. I also like the warm light spilling in from the front door. I used the 17mm TSE lens for this photograph; which allowed me to correct for wide angle distortion.

This Way Freedom

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