Iceland – ‘Final’ Equipment Check List

Its only a few weeks now till I leave for Iceland for three weeks dedicated landscape and nature photography; which means its definitely time to finalise my photographic and non photographic equipment for the trip. The non photographic equipment is pretty much confined to a few sets of suitable trekking clothes, Gortex jacket / pants, boots, personal items etc. The photographic equipment on the other hand requires considerably more thought. I have pondered the equipment to take for months now and my revised check list is as follows:

  • Canon 1DSMK3 Camera Body (going to serve as my primary DSLR Camera workhorse for the trip)
  • Two Spare Batteries and Battery Charger (should be heaps – I get over 1000 frames out of a single charge)
  • Canon S90 Point and Shoot (Going to serve as a back-up in the unlikely event the 1DSMK3 falls over)
  • Flip HD Camcorder or my Canon HD Camcorder (I cant decide as yet which to take)
  • Canon 17mm TSE Lens (my widest lens for the trip – with TSE a Bonus!)
  • Canon 24mm F1.4L MKII Lens (My Favourite Landscape Lens)
  • Canon 50mm F1.2L
  • Canon 70-200mm F2.8L IS
  • Canon 300mm F2.8L IS
  • Canon 1.4x Tele-Extender
  • Canon Macro Tube
  • Canon 580EX Flash with a ST-E2 Remote Trigger
  • Cable Release and Bubble Level
  • An assortment of LEE Hard and Soft Graduated Neutral Density Filters / Filter Holder
  • The LEE Big Stopper 10 Stop ND Filter
  • A couple of Circular Polarisers
  • A Slew of Compact Flash and Mini SD cards – totalling around 100 Gigabytes
  • My Mac Book Pro / accessories and Back Up LACIE rugged hard drive
  • Arctic Butterfly (for Sensor Cleaning), lens cleaning tissue, lens cleaning fluid, grey card etc.
  • Gitzo Tripod and Really Right Stuff Ball Head
  • My much loved shooting vest
  • Lowe Pro Nature Trekker II Camera Bag and Lowe Pro Compact Backpack (which will hold pretty much all of the above except the tripod and shooting vest). I need to split all of this gear into two bags in order to meet the carry on airline weight restrictions per piece of luggage.

The above equipment list pretty much covers me for all the major focal lengths – except 35mm (which I have decided I can live without for this trip). I know in many ways all of this equipment flies against the current trend of many photographers to travel as light as possible; typically packing only a zoom lens or two to ease the travel discomfort. But, I am approaching it from a different angle and am prepared to wear the travel discomfort and to some extent the excess baggage for flexibility and maximum quality when in the field. Since I wont be doing any serious hiking and will have a 4WD for the trip moving all this around shouldn’t to bothersome.

Other Items I need to Take

  • Down Sleeping Bag
  • Petzl LED Headlamp
  • Shooting gloves

Whats not coming? (but might sneak in at the last minute).

  • Canon 85mm F1.2L (I can cover this focal range with the 70-200mm F2.8L IS)
  • Canon 5D Camera Body (I want to take this… my heart says yes… my head and wallet say NO!)
  • Canon 14mm F2.8L MKII – Off the radar and out of budget for this trip

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  1. Just wondering if you took any writing or editorial classes? You write so well! Maybe you should consider some payed writing pieces. Just a thought! – Kim


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