Iceland Dispatch #7 – Jökulsarlön

We left our hotel in the Skaftafell National Park last night at 8:30pm for a sunset shoot at Jokulsarlon lagoon in the South of Iceland. We photographed the icebergs carving off the glacier in the lagoon until well after midnight in some lovely soft storm light. We then raced back to our hotel, grabbed two hours of sleep in the semi-darkness before heading out again for sunrise. Now, it’s just gone 8:30am in the morning local time in Iceland and we have just got back from shooting sunrise for the last five hours at the Jokulsarlon lagoon and nearby black sand beach.

Icebergs that have carved off the glacier flow down the channel to the sea and are taken out by the tide before being washed back up on the black sand during the return tide – each one a unique sculpture polished by the motion of the waves.

Black Ice Diamond

Now its time to crawl into bed again and get a few more hours sleep before heading back out this afternoon at 3pm for more sunset photography around the Jokulsarlon lagoon. The hours required for maximising the best light for photography in Iceland are torturous to say the least – but given the quality and duration of great light I wouldn’t have it any other way

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