Iceland Dispatch #14 – Somewhere in Iceland…

Yesterday evening we headed into what I think is part of the Jokulsargljufur National Park (or it is as least not far away from the Park – Daniel you will need to write the name down for me!) – [Update its THEISTAREYKIR]  to photograph some more geothermal active areas. This was a great location for photography with lots of geothermal activity including boiling mud pools, sulphurous gas vents and huge tapestry of texture and colour in the active landscape. Surrounding the geothermal areas are many large mountains; which themselves make for wonderful photography. We had a good sunset and some great light; which lasted more than an hour.


We photographed from the early afternoon until roughly 11pm before getting a couple of hours sleep before the sunrise and heading back up to Namafjall for a sunrise session. Sunrise was not to be this morning however as the sun was buried behind thick layers of cloud and mist. Which, at least meant we could pack in early and catch up on some badly needed sleep. The continual long hours of travelling and photography really started catching up with me on this mornings trip up to Namafjall, so I was thankful of a ‘bug-out’ and chance to get a few more hours sleep.

Now its lunchtime (another bowl of the most excellent fish and potato stew) before we gear up and drive for a couple of hours into the Askja region in the north-east of Iceland along what is supposed to be quite a rough road in a very remote part of the country. I am looking forward to seeing Askja as it is a pristine wilderness area.

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