Iceland Dispatch #16 – Moving on from Myvatn

We are just about to have some dinner [but I wanted to squeeze in a blog update with our plans for the next day or so] and grab a few hours shut eye before we head off at 3am to Godafoss – “waterfall of the Gods” for a sunrise photography session. I have seen many photographs of Godafoss and am very much looking forward to making my own images from this location – Hopefully the light will be very good; at the moment it’s 6pm in the evening and quite overcast. The forecast is quite good – so we shall soon see.


Spent an hour and a half this afternoon relaxing in the hot aquamarine mineral sulphur pools at Myvatn which was great for recharging my depleted batteries. In combination with this local Iceland energy drink called ‘Magic’ [sort of like a Red Bull – but much better] I feel almost refreshed and ready to keep up the long, long waking hours. I have long since lost track of days and my sense of time is really screwed up.

After our session at 3am at Godafoss we are taking the six hour off road ‘bone-jarring’ drive across the Sprengisandur route to reach Hrauneyjar. On the way we’ll probably make stops by Aldeyjarfoss waterfall and in Nyjidalur. In the evening we’ll visit the Veidivotn area, a cluster of crater lakes about 30 minutes from Hrauneyjar. We are going to spend a couple of days in this area; including a trip up to Landmannalaugar; where according to the guide book there are multi-coloured mountains, hot springs, lava flows and clear blue lakes.

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