Iceland Debrief – Addendum

I have finally had a chance to sit down and start the sorting, editing and processing of the more than 4800 images I shot in Iceland over the two and a half weeks I spent there. It has taken me a full week to get over my jet lag and a rather nasty tummy upset (No dispersions cast at British food). Editing is a slow and painful process for me; much more so than the actual processing of my final selected images. I tend to agonise and sweat bullets over what would probably be considered by many to be minutiae in my photographs; but I do beleive you need to be your own harshest critic. So I expect the complete editing process for me to take weeks (if not months). I will update my blog periodically as I complete the editing and processing of my photographs.

Several of the other photographers I was shooting with in Iceland have already completed some or all of their editing and processing and have provided some samples of their work. There is some wonderful photography amongst the photographs I have seen to date and it has been a real joy to view the images. It is interesting to see the other photographers visions and interpretations of Iceland as so often we were shooting not only in the same location, but the same subjects. Just goes to show how differently we all ‘see’. Tim has a full gallery from the trip online already at his website Tim Grey Photography. Please be sure to check it out.

I want to take the opportunity at this point to thank all of the other photographers – which included: Daniel Bergmann (our guide, who deserves a medal for his hard work), Dmitry, Martyn, Tim, David, Lilack and Stephanie.  It was a real pleasure to spend time socialising, and photographing in the wonderful Icelandic wilderness with other like minded people. To all of you – thank you for making the trip so memorable and enjoyable. I look forward to seeing more of your work and to getting my own work out into the public arena as soon as possible. Now its time for a coffee and more image editing…

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