Iceland – Foss – Gullfoss Golden Falls

I am still deep in the sorting and editing process of the photographs I took in Iceland; but I have started to process some of my favourite selects from the trip. I plan to post them sporadically over the next few months to both my Blog and Portfolio websites as time permits. This photograph was taken during the last few days of the expedition. I was travelling and shooting alone at this point in the trip. Daniel (my guide for the first twelve days I was in Iceland) had suggested that it would be worth my while making the drive to the waterfall ‘Gullfoss’ from the geothermal area at Hveravellir after the evenings sunset shoot and in time for dawn at the waterfall. As I have already blogged about that drive back from Hveravellir was horrendous due to not only the road conditions, but the thick fog that had rolled in reducing visibility to about ten metres.

I arrived at Gullfoss shortly before sunrise and grabbed a quick power nap in the car whilst I waited for first light. Dawn bought with it cloudy overcast conditions with no sign of colour in the sky; but I took the short walk down to the falls anyway in the hope something would happen – and indeed it did.As is common in Iceland the clouds started to break up and for a period of no more than just a few minutes shortly after sunrise. The rising sun lit the waterfall and spray creating a stunningly beautiful rainbow whilst throwing gorgeous warm light across the grasses and distant hill. This is one of my favourite waterfall photographs from my time in Iceland. A higher resolution version of this photograph is on my Portfolio website  at under Iceland. Prints are available upon request.

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