Iceland – Godafoss ‘Waterfall of the Gods’

Iceland is literally a waterfall photographers paradise. Not only does it boast Europe’s largest waterfall ‘Dettifoss’, but it also sports many hundreds of others; many of which are awe inspiring for their sheer size and majesty alone. One of Iceland’s most beautiful and easily accessible waterfalls is ‘Godafoss’ or as it is translated into English ‘Waterfall of the Gods’. The waterfall is formed by the cascading glacial waters of the river Skja’lfandafljo’t; which has cut a horseshoe canyon through the rock forming the shape of the falls. Despite the fact that Godafoss is smaller than many of Iceland’s famous waterfalls it is strikingly beautiful and was one of the many locations I had been really looking forward to visiting and photographing.

As fate would have it the Gods would smile on our visit to Godafoss and deal our group just the right hand with some of the most stunning light I have experienced for landscape photography. Credit also goes to our guide for some truly impeccable timing. We arrived at Godafoss on our journey south somewhat exhausted from long days of  shooting and lack of sleep just before sunrise around 2am. Thankfully Godafoss is easily accessible and the walk from the 4WD is only an easy five minute stroll up the path. As we geared up at the 4WD the very first light of dawn was just starting to tinge the high cloud cover. By the time we arrived at the falls the entire sky was illuminated in a blaze of orange and pink hues that was simply gorgeous. As we began shooting the light just continued to get better and better with wonderfully soft pastel colours reflecting off the upper clouds onto the grasses and water. We spent around an hour photographing the falls before the light turned grey and dull and we returned to the 4WD for some much needed coffee. We spent the rest of the day covering miles in cold grey overcast weather. The grins on our faces however lasted much longer than the morning light – even now this one makes me smile.

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