Easing the Shutter Finger Aches Along the Great Ocean Road

Every hour spent out in the field with my camera gear equates to at least two hours in front of the computer. Sorting, editing and processing images is a time consuming process that (at least for me) is a somewhat iterative and occasionally laborious process. Some time ago I adopted the ‘chip-away’ philosphy to my image editing and processing. That is to say, that instead of looking for large chunks of time where I can sit down and really get a lot potentially accomplished I grab small pieces of time where I can and just chip away at it. Its amazing how much you can get done with this methodology. Principally because, with the hectic pace of life large chunks of time are just very difficult to come by.

To this end, I have been slowly ‘chipping away’ at the editing and processing of my photographs from Iceland over the last six or so weeks since I got back. I am really thrilled with the images I have processed so far – although, truth be-known between the office, the family, the kids and all the other distractions of life I feel I still have many weeks of work ahead of me to glean all the gems from the trip. That said… my shutter finger is feeling a little neglected so I have loaded up the car with my gear and am taking off for the weekend down the Great Ocean road to Lorne, Apollo Bay and the Twelve Apostles  for some photography. I have long neglected this part of Victoria from a photography perspective – although I have been to these places many times over the years. It should be a blast and hopefully I get some good light. See you next week!

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