A Year Old – And Hopefully Many More to Come

It is hard to believe it has already been a year since I started this blog – where has the time gone? Over the past year  or so I have visited New Zealand’s South Island, Tasmania, Iceland, London, and many Australian locations for my photography. Reporting on my time photographing at these locations and sharing some of the photographs has been almost as much fun as the expeditions themselves.

2011 also has some very exciting photographic expeditions planned including Tasmania in the new year, New Zealand’s South Island mid year and Antarctica in November / December – a trip I am very much looking forward to. I will no doubt squeeze in as many local trips as I can when opportunities arise as there are still many locations I wish to visit in Australia.

In terms of exhibitions I will soon be announcing my Iceland exhibition which will go on display in Melbourne around March next year before it tours the country. I am also currently in preliminary talks for another exhibition in Tasmania and will post details if and when the exhibition is confirmed.

I plan to expand my blog over the coming year with more video footage from the field to better share the experience of wilderness landscape photography. It is no secret that there is a massive convergence of still and video photography underway being driven by the camera manufacturers marketing machines. This revolution has meant that there is hardly a DSLR or point and shoot camera released today that does not have some kind of video capability. Whilst I am strictly a stills photographer I do recognise the potential for video to add value to my online work – so I will be carrying a high definition video camera on all of my upcoming trips and hope to post footage from the locations I visit.

I have also just invested in a new wide format printer to enable me to make larger prints of my photographs as well as some new camera equipment. The next year should be very exciting and I am looking forward to posting more photographs, video footage and associated photographic news.

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