I have not had a lot of opportunity of late to get out with my camera for some landscape photography. To say I have been missing time out with my camera in the field would be an understatement. The ‘silly season’ has well and truly arrived and there has just been some sort of social function every weekend for weeks – it seems to start earlier every year. I am positive the Christmas trees go up earlier and earlier each year in the shopping centres. Gratefully I have managed to secure a couple of days in the first weekend of December and will be heading up past Mildura to Mungo and the Walls of China. This is part of Victoria I have wanted to visit and photograph for some time. My last attempt earlier this year was a wash out with the road into Mungo closed. It rained pretty much the entire weekend of the trip. Instead I visited the nearby Perry Sandhills and managed to get some images I was very satisfied with.

Fingers crossed the weather works out better this trip and although its a little to early to predict I am hopeful that being the first week of Summer the weather is good and the roads accessible. There is little in the way of infrastructure at Mungo so I will be camping and taking everything I need with me for the trip.The Walls of China are a feature of the Mungo Lake lunette. Over thousands of years, wind and water have carved spectacular formations comprised of sand and clay. Rain washes away the soft sands and muds of the lunette, creating the rilled ridges and residuals that characterise the Walls of China. The dislodged sand is then picked up by the wind and heaped into huge mobile dunes along the back of the lunette.

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