I know we all say this every year ; but boy oh boy…where did 2010 go? As each year drifts by it seems the foot of life  gets pressed ever so slightly harder on the accelerator pedal. I really would like it if the world just slowed down a little once in a while. The frenetic pace of life is not at all conducive to contemplative landscape photography. Whilst the recent trip to Daylesford was relaxing and was a good chance to slow down and unwind I did not unfortunately get any photography of substance accomplished. The light and weather were unco-operative which resulted in cold grey mornings devoid of colour and interest – such is life. Regardless, it was a relaxing enjoyable trip full of good food and wine.

So whats in store for 2011?

Well, 2011 is slated to be a big year for me for my photography. I have a trip booked for Antarctica late 2011 which departs from Ushuaia in Argentina in late November. I have a tentative trip booked to the South Island of New Zealand for a week in July (I love winter in the South Island) as well a trip to Tasmania in February. Amongst it all I intend to try to get to Mungo and The Walls of China (third times a charm as they say) if the weather holds out and I can score a free weekend when it isnt going to rain. I still want to spend more time photographing down the Great Ocean Road as well as the Victorian High Country. I have some very preliminary ideas for a photographic trip to the Pinnacles in Western Australia as well as central Australia. Wether I get the time and opportunity to cultivate these ideas into trips for 2011 is as yet unknown. What I do know is that it is unlikely I will make it back to Iceland in 2011. Long terms plans are to head back to Iceland in 2012 as an add on to a holiday to France with my wife – but thats still a long way off and there are many clicks of the shutter to be had between then and now. I will likely also head to Easter Island on the return from Antarctica and Buenos Aires if time permits.

Antarctica is the planned highlight for 2011. This is a trip I have wanted to make for many years and it is very exciting to be finally booked and going (even if it is still eleven months away). I am going to stay a few days in Buenos Aires before the expedition departs from Ushuaia and meet up with my friend Martyn with whom I spent a couple of weeks photographing in Iceland mid 2010. Martyn has photographed in Buenos Aires before so I am looking forward to capitalising on his prior experience and recommended locations. I am also going to spend an extra day or so in Ushuaia before the boat leaves for Antarctica. It is a two day journey across the Drake passage; which is one of the roughest stretches of water in the world before arrival in Antarctica – I must remember to pack some sea sick pills.

I also have an exhibition of my 2010 Iceland photography coming up; which is slated for March and will kick off in Brighton at Source Photographica before touring the country. I will post dates and details as soon as they are confirmed.

New Camera Gear for 2011?

My trusty Canon 1DS MKIII has served me very well since I purchased it not long after they were first released back in 2008 – I did not actually take delivery of mine until February 2009. Today in early 2011 the 1DSMKIII is still at the top of the Canon tree in terms of their flagship camera. Although I dont usually partake in the rumour mill it is worth noting that there has been very little in the way of replacement rumours. The current ‘thinking’ and ‘rumour’ appears to be that Canon are going to depart from the traditional 1DS model to something entirely new. This would make good logical sense since the 5D MKII has significantly eaten into 1DS sales. A quick side note: I have tried a couple of different 5D MKII’s and in both cases have prefered the ‘look’ of the files from the 1DSMKIII. I personally believe it is likely that Canon will come to market with a new offering late 2011 which will likely be similar to the Leica S2 – a sort of cross between medium format and traditional 35mm. We shall see in the fullness of time – in the meantime I will continue to shoot with and enjoy Canons most excellent 1DS MKIII. I may well end up purchasing a second body before I leave for Antarctica; either an additional 1DS or a 1DMK IV – I have not as yet decided.

I am currently working on a folio project as well as an overdue calendar for 2011 and hope to have these projects completed shortly.


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