Scotland’s Mountains by Joe Cornish

During some recent email correspondence with my friend from Iceland Daniel Bergmann; he recommended a book by Photographer Joe Cornish titled ‘Scotland’s Mountains’ with the sub title ‘A Landscape Photographers View’. I subsequently purchased the hard-back book from Amazon on his recommendation and have to say that it has been one of the most enjoyable and wonderful photographic books I have owned.

Scotland’s Mountains follows on from Joe’s previous book ‘Scotland’s Coast’; which I ordered immediately upon receiving his ‘Mountains’ book from Amazon. It has not as yet arrived; but I am eagerly looking forward to spending some time going through the photographs when it does. I particularly enjoyed reading the included ‘field notes’ at the end of the book. As a landscape photographer its always interesting to read how another photographer composed, metered, exposed and dealt with the environmental conditions at the time the photograph was made.

I knew of Joe Cornish’s work through the internet but it took the medium of the printed page to really bring home to me how much I enjoy his photography – Another timely reminder that photography really is all about the print. Photographed almost exclusively on a 5×4 camera with film (yes film – although there are a few digital captures amongst the images) the quality of the photographs and printing are superb. So often I feel a sense of deflation upon seeing beautiful photography printed really badly by the book publisher – it unfortunately happens all to often. Thankfully in this case Aurum press have done a wonderful job.

I do not intend for my blog post to be a review of Joe’s book or work. His photography is wonderful and no more need be said in this regard. Instead this post is more of a ‘shout-out’ to check out his work and in particular his book/s if you have not done so. If you have an interest in photography or even just in Scotland I highly recommend Joe’s Book.

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