Tasmania – Cradle Mountain Trip

I am heading to Tasmania later this week for a few days photography in and around the Cradle Mountain area. Cradle Mountain is my favourite location in Tasmania for landscape and wilderness photography – it is an iconic location. This is I think my fifth or possibly sixth trip to Cradle Mountain and probably my twelfth trip to Tasmania.  There is almost limitless potential for producing beautiful photographs from nature in the Cradle Mountain National Park and I am looking forward to spending time there again. On top of being just a fantastic location for photography the largest wilderness photographic gallery in Australia is located just outside the park – a perfect place to spend an afternoon if the weather is uncooperative.

I am taking the Spirit of Tasmania car ferry from Melbourne so that I can take the 4WD and as much kit as I can fit (in other words all of it) and will spend a few days in the Cradle Mountain National Park. With a little bit of luck the weather will be co-operative and there will be some great light. I am planning to make this an ‘icon’ shoot and will photograph Dove Lake as well as several other of the most famous and recognised landmarks – weather and light permitting. Cradle Mountain has its own micro-climate so one is never really sure what the weather is going to do until you are amongst it. I do have a back-up plan in mind if by chance the area is ‘clagged-in’ with bad weather. This being the case I will head down south to the Candlestick and southern coastline. Internet access is extremely limited in the Cradle Mountain area (at least it was during my last visit)- so it is doubtful I will be able to post updates or photographs during the trip.

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