Iceland – Selfoss : The Essence of Iceland

Without doubt one of Iceland’s most well known and famous landmarks are its waterfalls. There are waterfalls almost everywhere and if you have read and followed my blog you will have already seen numerous posts about them. They really are nothing short of breathtaking.

One of the most unusual and beautiful is Selfoss. Selfoss is a short ten minute walk up from the mighty Dettifoss – Europe’s largest waterfall by volume. What makes Selfoss so unique and other worldly is the way it cascades down both sides of a deep rocky canyon. I have not seen such a geological feature anywhere else in the world and as far as I know it is unique to Selfoss and Iceland.

I was fortunate enough to visit both Dettifoss and Selfoss twice during my time in Iceland last year. On both occasions I was blessed with wonderful and interesting light. The purpose of dual visits to these falls was to shoot them from both sides as there is no bridge near by to cross. Its a long drive along a horrible dirt road to get to the other side. I must admit that I was so tired from the long arduous hours of shooting under the midnight sun for days and days on end that I have no actual memory of taking this photograph – I must have been on auto pilot by this point in my trip. It was one of around 50 frames I shot from this side of Selfoss. Regardless I am extremely pleased with the result. The long exposure has softened the water in contrast to the rocks and caught the incoming storm clouds streaking across the sky. For me this photograph captures some of the essence of Iceland. As I have blogged about already – I cant wait to go back. In fact, plans are afoot for a trip in June/July 2012 after Antarctica. A high resolution version of this photograph is also on my Portfolio website at

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